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IpX Announced as State Proprietary School by State of Michigan

As of January 30, 2020, IpX (Institute for Process Excellence) is proud to announce its approval as an out-of-state proprietary school by the State of Michigan and licensed through the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity – State of Michigan. Through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), proprietary schools may make services available to adults and dislocated workers.

As a proprietary school, dislocated workers may be able to use WIOA funds to attend IpX Workforce Academy courses, specifically CM2 courses CM2-01 through CM2-06. CM2 is the global industry standard for enterprise change and configuration management founded by IpX in 1986. Completion of the first six CM2 courses leads to a CM2-Comprehensive certificate.

The approval also considers IpX a training provider through Going PRO in Michigan. Through Going PRO in Michigan, individuals and employers may be able to secure funding to access educational opportunities that create greater opportunity for professional growth. Employers can find more information about the Going PRO Talent Fund on the Going PRO website listed below.

Interested individuals should visit the following websites for more information:
Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity – State of Michigan
Going PRO in Michigan

For more information regarding IpX's participation in state programs, please contact Academia Director, Staci Hegarty
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