Siemens and IBM Expand Partnership to Include Service Lifecycle Management


Scott Wertel, P.E., Chief of Engineering Excellence at IpX

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM), and now Service Lifecycle Management (SLM)? You bet! And it is about time. Although I would argue that Service is a part of a product’s life cycle and that a special tool or classification is not necessary beyond PLM.

None the less, seeing the partnership between Siemens and IBM grow – Xcelerator portfolio and Maximo, respectively – to include tools that specifically address the unique needs of managing the in-service or fielded assets is much welcome to the industry. I consider this a sign that software developers are finally paying attention to the full life cycle and the cries of OEM and MRO organizations who have to support as-built, as-serviced, as-fielded, as-maintained, and any other sustaining activities after the product leaves final assembly.

I will postulate, though, that tools are not the only answer to connecting the end-to-end Digital Twin or Digital Thread. The Institute for Process Excellence (IpX) has developed the digital DNA that represents a complete end-to-end lifecycle of a product and it includes traceability records for aftermarket modifications and has been training on these concepts for decades.

The Digital DNA and the underlying best in class business processes through CM2 are tool agnostic. One could even argue that they are toolless but having an automated solution or product portfolio certainly makes the job easier. That is where seeing the partnership between Siemens and IBM grow is wonderful news. Siemens Teamcenter is already CM2 certified – looking to expand that certification - and adding IBM Maximo for asset management brings organizations closer to a true digital representation of the total lifecycle of their product while maintaining industry best practices as defined with CM2.

To learn more about the Digital Twin, Digital Thread, Digital DNA, and how CM2 can create a scalable environment for your business to capitalize on these new tools, contact IpX today.

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