29-Jan-2018: Press Release Purdue and IpX Announce Partnership


WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind.  - On Monday (Jan. 29, 2018) Purdue University and the Institute for Process Excellence (IpX) announce a partnership to provide professional education certificate programs to industry clients in the areas of CM2, product lifecycle management (PLM) and model-based definition (MBD). Under this partnership, Purdue students will also be introduced to enterprise configuration management curriculum content in targeted undergraduate programs to prepare students to help solve the most complex challenges facing global enterprise organizations. The backbone of enterprise operational excellence and the model based future consists of a proper network with people, processes, and enabling tools cohesively communicating within an integrated enterprise. In order to achieve successful transformation in the landscape of tomorrow, businesses must invest in world-class resources in order to reshape legacy business processes and systems.

The ability to evolve and tailor instruction for a variety of learners across the product lifecycle is a critical aspect of any educational program. Each job role has unique needs when authoring and consuming digital product data within day-to-day operations. Nathan Hartman, the Dauch Family Professor of Advanced Manufacturing and Director of the PLM Center, promotes such a model when building educational programs with industry, and the partnership with Action Engineering directly supports that effort.

“The PLM Center at Purdue University is pleased to partner with IpX in the development of professional education programs for industry that combine PLM, MBD, and configuration management fundamentals,” Hartman said. “The Institute for Process Excellence has rich domain expertise in complex industry sectors, and when paired with the experience and educational expertise the Purdue PLM Center, it will provide an effective option for companies looking to provide high value educational options for their employees.”

Speaking about the partnership, Joseph Anderson, Vice President of Services for IpX said, "The mission of IpX is to provide students and industry clients with a method to achieve their transformation strategy, improve their core business operating model, embrace the digital wave, maximize efficiency, and implement sustainable growth initiatives. The partnership with Purdue will provide a full suite of educational and solution services built upon a foundation of industry experience. This will allow Purdue students and IpX industry clients the ability to solve the issues affecting global businesses.”

About Purdue University:

Purdue University, a top public research institution, offers higher education at its highest proven value. Committed to affordability, the university has frozen tuition and most fees at 2012-13 levels. Committed to student success, Purdue is changing the student experience with greater focus on faculty-student interaction and creative use of technology. Committed to pursuing scientific discoveries and engineered solutions, Purdue has streamlined pathways for faculty and student innovators who have a vision for moving the world forward.

Purdue University’s Model-Based Definition Certificate Program


Purdue University’s PLM Certificate Program


About the Purdue PLM Center of Excellence

The Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Center in the Polytechnic Institute at Purdue University is an interdisciplinary research center at Purdue University. The center fuses the talents and resources of experts from the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, the colleges of Engineering and Science and Krannert School of Management into a single focused entity that serves as an industry resource. Through research, training and implementation of product lifecycle management tools and methods, the Center provides its partners in business and industry with knowledge and tools to improve their bottom line.

The PLM and MBD education programs include sharing of current industry technology and best practices, providing students with credentials that can help advance their professional careers. The MBD/PLM Courses focus on the capabilities of current CAD technologies, employing best practices. While not advocating specific CAD tools in these courses, real-world challenges will be highlighted to prepare students for what may be encountered along their model-based journeys. These programs combine innovative learning methods, real-world experiences, and industry partnerships. The goal is to return people that complete the programs back into the workforce, more uniquely qualified to transition into technology-driven careers. For more information, visit www.purdue.edu/plm.

About the Institute for Process Excellence:

IpX is best known for the creation of the industry changing CM2 certification program initiated in 1986. Today, IpX remains the global industry standard for enterprise configuration and change management. Their global workforce development sector has adapted and grown into the premier worldwide educational resource for enterprise operational excellence and high performance culture training with courses offered in seven languages. IpX’s global services sector ensures their clients achieve operational excellence through a unique combination of industry leading application strategies coupled with business engagement experts that provide needed enthusiasm for change by infusing the mission throughout the enterprise.

For more details contact services@ipxhq.com

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