Enterprise Excellence Journal – 1st Edition 2018


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Purdue University and the Institute for Process Excellence Announce a Partnership

Purdue University and the Institute for Process Excellence (IpX) announced a partnership to provide professional education certificate programs to industry clients in the areas of CM2, product lifecycle management (PLM) and model-based definition (MBD)...

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Former GM Executive Jim Brogoitti Joins IpX

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New CM2/IPE Congress Members

Amy Mueller – Purdue University
Chrystie Spaulding – GE Aviation
Bill Woodaman – Albany Composites

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ABB Chooses Configit Solutions for Global Configuration Platform…

- Configit

Due to a distributed IT landscape with different ERP systems in every country, keeping configuration rules and data in sync from the producing units to all the sales units around the world was very challenging...

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How to Determine if Configuration Management and Change Control are Under Management Control

- Tom Tesmer, President, CMstat

Across the high-tech manufacturing industries, including aerospace and defense (A&D), a growing list of governance concerns is demanding increased attention from executives. This list includes matters of finance, legal, regulatory compliance...

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Why Your Products Must be Smart and Connected

- Sreenivasa Chakravarti, Head, and Anurag Jain, Strategic Solutions Partner, Innovation and Transformation, Manufacturing Services, TCS

It’s become increasingly conceivable and cost effective to embed sensors, wireless communication, and software into all kinds of products—from complex $100,000 industrial machines to $100 thermostats sold on the mass market...

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What Is Your Product Change Worth?

-Arnaud Hubaux

Do you struggle to derive value from the business case of product changes? Many organizations do. Teams eager to fix issues or develop new products often perceive business cases as red tape...

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