Michael Benning Joins IpX as Executive Director of True North Enterprise Calibration


DENVER, Colorado, 5 August 2019 — The Institute for Process Excellence (IpX) is pleased to announce that as of August 1, 2019, Michael Benning has joined as Executive Director of True North Enterprise Calibration.

Michael brings over 25 years of experience in various project and operations management roles in the oil and gas and manufacturing sectors. Prior to joining IpX, Michael was the Director of Program Management and was tasked with establishing a Change & Configuration Management competence based on CM2 principles. In addition to rationalizing existing product portfolios, and integrating CM2 principles with legacy engineering and operations processes, the team implemented PLM and configurator platforms. Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, and a CM2-Comprehensive certification. Please help us welcome him to the IpX family.

About IpX

IpX’s education sector is the premier worldwide industrial resource for configuration management, systems engineering, operational excellence, digital transformation and high-performance culture training with courses offered in seven languages. IpX is best known for the creation of the industry changing CM2 certification program initiated in 1986. Today, CM2 is the global industry standard for enterprise configuration and change management.

IpX’s global services sector ensures their clients achieve enterprise excellence through the revolutionary True North Enterprise Calibration™ model and services. Our business engagement experts provide needed enthusiasm for change by infusing the mission throughout the enterprise and connecting leadership with its staff. IpX is the leader in organizational strategies that effectively integrate the people, processes, systems, and data of the organization.

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For more information about IpX, contact Deanna Hensley, deanna@ipxhq.com.

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