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The Quest for Digital Transformation

- The Institute of Configuration Management

Over the next five years nearly $10 trillion will be spent by businesses and governments on digital solutions. What happens if they get it wrong?

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Should Variant Management be a Core Business Process?

- Arnaud Hubaux, ASML

Do you struggle to meet a demand for broader product portfolio while reducing operating expenses? Many organizations do [1]. Over the past century, demand looped from high variety and low volume, to low variety and high volume, and back to high variety and low volume. Following that trend, organizations adapted their business model to access more niches instead of driving for hit products. The flip-side of accessing more niches to increase sales is the reduction of scale economies.

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TCS Enables Connected Products Landscapes

- CIMdata Commentary

Key takeaways:

  • Even simple products have embedded electronics and software, complex products can have a lot of more including live connections to the cloud
  • Electronics and software cannot be effectively added as an afterthought, products that delight their customers have hardware, electronics, software, and services integrated seamlessly
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CM2 at AGCO in China

Susanne Lauda, Global Project Lead Manufacturing Automation for AGCO

AGCO operates several production facilities in China, the two biggest ones are in Changzhou, which is fairly close to Shanghai, and in Yanzhou, which can be easily reached by a high speed train traveling nearly 220 mph.

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On the Horizon

  • Todd Egan, formerly GE, announced as the new Vice President of Operations for the Institute of Configuration Management.
  • White Paper 815C Released - How the IPE/CM2 Model Achieves the ISO 9001:2015 QMS Requirements
  • The 30th Annual Integrated Process Excellence Symposium 

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