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On the Horizon

Configit and the Institute of Configuration Management (ICM) announce a partnership to solve the most complex configuration challenges facing large enterprise organizations.

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Is CLM the missing solution for IoT and Industry 4.0?

Typically, engineering develops products and features and controls the E-BOM in PLM and PDM systems; ERP systems control manufacturing, the mBOM and oftentimes pricing, while CRM-systems and market-facing systems control the sales-BOM and CPQ-processes.

All of these processes create and/or consume configuration information, but each of these deployed systems have a narrow approach to the management of configuration information. PLM systems focus on the engineering aspects of configuration, with little or no concern about how the products are priced, marketed, manufactured or delivered. Similarly, market facing systems use a model defining what can be sold, but it’s separate from the engineering model.

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CM's Role in Innovation

by Scott Wertel, P.E. - a Configuration Manager for a defense and aerospace company and a member of the IPE/CMII Global Congress.

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Impact Analysis and Change Implementation Planning

by Martijn Dullaart. - a Configuration Management Expert for the largest supplier in the world of photolithography systems for the semiconductor industry and the Co-Chair of the IPE/CMII Global Congress.

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Model Based Enterprise Engineering - MBEE®

MBEE® is a natural extension of the CMII® Business Model. The 3d geometry becomes another configuration-controlled item within the product structure of the end item deliverable within the software solution. The implementation approach for this initiative is tailorable depending on the capacity and agility of the adopting organization.

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Digital Process and Document Management - DPDM®

Requirement, document and content management is paramount to the success of any organization, especially when it’s under the pressure of global demands and constant change. The diversity of products has quickly expanded Digital Process & Document Management to a global requirement. Rapid growth has made it difficult to keep requirements and documents up-to-date with dynamic development and market changes.

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Tool Assessment, Advisement, & Certification

ICM is partnering with businesses and enabling software tool providers to ensure that their “off the shelf” product is truly ready for enterprise adoption. Software providers must be licensed to utilize the CMII methodology, and the software solution (by version) must be certified by ICM to be deemed as CMII compliant.

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Cost of Change Equation - C2Eq®

ICM is in the process of developing a solution that will allow organizations to quickly determine the cost roll up of proposed changes. C2Eq® will help leadership determine whether the ROI numbers warrant moving forward with a change prior to any real implementation effort being committed by the organization.

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30th Annual Integrated Process Excellence Symposium

The sessions will be focused on best practices for tangible business transformation with a central theme of: The foundational element of the 4th industrial revolution is a proper CM network leading to integrated people, processes, and products that communicate cohesively within an integrated Internet of Things.

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