Arrayworks Digital Certification

CM2 600

CM2 Compliance Rating: To Be Announced Soon!

The Arrayworks Transformation Acceleration Platform (TAP) provides a completely new approach to simplifying the complexities associated with not only Configuration Management, but also the broader digital transformation challenges facing organizations looking to achieve higher levels of operational excellence. Organizations can no longer afford to be limited by their legacy approaches and systems to help them manage the safety and delivery of their products as well as enable the sustainable change needed to thrive in today’s digital world. What’s needed is a modern platform that not only solves the intricacies related to managing their products, but also provides the foundation for their broader cross-organization digital ambitions.  

Digital Twin of the Organization (DTO)

Arrayworks believes that effective digital transformation begins with proper digital representation of every critical aspect of the organization including the people, processes, places, documents and “things” as they exist in the real world. Once the proper digital entities are represented, orchestrating the events that occur across the ecosystem becomes a simple matter of connecting the dots. A well designed DTO provides the real-time situational awareness required to support informed human decisioning and if appropriate, automate the processes, alerts and notifications that support adherence to organizational KPI’s and standards of governance. 

Gartner's Definition of a DTO

“A DTO is a dynamic software model of an organization that relies on operational and other data to understand how this organization operationalizes its business model, connects with its current state, responds to changes, deploys resources and delivers customer value.” 

TAP + CM2 - A Perfect Match

Arrayworks Up and Running Fast with Low-CodeArrayworks has applied the DTO model to optimally enable IpX’s CM2 methodology, empowering organizations to quickly create exact digital baseline representations. And, because change is now a constant, TAP makes it fast and simple to continually modify baselines, processes and documents as needed to match ever changing customer demands and regulatory requirements without the traditional associated delays and costs that can discourage innovation.

TAP for CM supports workers across the entire organization with a platform for collaboration, awareness, action and accountability. Add in TAP’s at-time process knowledge and help library for sharing CM2, organizational and tribal knowledge, and you have a platform that puts clear, concise and valid information at every workers fingertips, removing confusion and improving efficiencies at every level.


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