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People are the heart of products and it takes a lot of people working together to go from an idea on a napkin to a thing on the shelf. But right now, working together is hard. Information is scattered, siloed, and lives in clunky tools that nobody likes.

Upchain is a cloud PLM company that’s changing how teams work together. They're making it so that everyone gets the data they need, exactly when they need it.

Upchain's vision is a completely connected value chain, and their goal is to build the technology to get there. Because when collaboration thrives, good things happen.

Upchain's Values


We believe that everyone owns something, learning from the failures and celebrating the successes. Ownership eliminates finger pointing and excuses, and to us, is the only way to build a culture where failure isn’t just accepted, but encouraged. Because there’s no better way to learn than to fail.
Transparency Openness and honesty are how we do business. The very bones of our organization are based on being transparent about price, product, and function. Internally, it means it’s ok to say “I don’t know” — and it’s ok to ask for help.


Things should be simple. We strive to make Upchain the simplest part of our customer’s day, and we try to make working for Upchain simple for our team. That means having a culture of results, where output matters more than how often you punch in. It means being flexible and making your job work for your life. But mostly, it means that we trust our team. Because when you trust the people you work with, things get a whole lot simpler.


We find a lot of problems can be avoided if everyone remembers that people are, well, people. People respond to kindness, openness, fairness, and respect. We believe that the quality of the idea is more important than the title of the person it came from.


Collaboration means working together with lots of different people to get the job done. This also means lots of different perspectives and opinions — and yes, some heated conversations. But it also means that you get a better result at the end. By living our values of honesty, humanity, and transparency, we believe that people can come together to build something great, and form both professional and personal bonds along the way.

About Upchain's Cloud Solution: In their Words

Collaboration’s the name of the game - Going from idea to product is a team effort. But working together is hard. We make it easier. Collaborate with anyone you need to by making your product data simple to create, manage, and share, anywhere in the world. Keep everyone on the same page automatically in a secure, easy to use system, so you can focus on turning good ideas into great products.

Work together in real time - Imagine if every stakeholder had all the information they needed to do their job at their fingertips — completely secure and updated in real time. That’s cloud PLM. Manage changes, view CAD files in 3D, and capture feedback and approvals from any stakeholder using a single, simple platform.

Keep projects moving - Get full visibility into your process at a glance. Spot roadblocks, prioritize issues, and secure feedback and sign off from stakeholders in real time using tools like Outlook and Gmail. Stop waiting for weekly status meetings and start delivering projects on time and under budget.

Organize your product data - Product data is so much more than CAD. Keep every file for every project tracked, organized, and cataloged. Stop digging through emails looking for feedback and take control of your data once and for all.

For more information on Upchain please Contact Upchain.
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