Leadership for Change

Transformational change requires leading and engaging people. IpX's functional approach and OCM activities are organized and defined as  Leadership for Change. Your OCM needs must be part of the larger program and like any other project, will have an objective, deliverables, a project team, a project manager, and a project plan. The objective of this set of deliverables is to support the organization at all required levels to proactively engage and lead the organization's calibration journey.

Building a high-performance team Aligning expectations of change
Consolidate improvements & produce more change Implementing new approaches to recognition and reward
Clarifying expected changes Communications Strategy
Institutionalizing new approaches Building an Engagement Network
Communicating about change Managing change activities
Mentoring Training

True North Program Management

IpX program and project management methodologies are adept at managing Waterfall, SCRUM, Agile, SAFe,and many other vendor utilized systems. Often methodologies like Scrum, Agile and SAFe require client team adoption, training, and alignment. IpX however ensures the vendor methodologies integrate, communicate and deliver efficiently while adhering the CM2 enterprise business model. We lead our industry partners through the development of a Program Management structure and set of standards sufficient for multi-year large scale transformation.

The objective of this set of deliverables is to ensure a solid foundation for the discipline of program & project management is in place to enable success with large-scale systems integrations & workflow/process rollouts.

Additionally, the standardization results in increased business intelligence such as:
  • resource loading
  • more accurate project estimation (cost and schedule)
  • risk analysis & reporting (up front and continuously throughout projects)
  • consistent governance and reporting
  • scope change control
  • adoption and on-boarding of new Project and Program managers

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