Sustainable Digital Transformation

We define and build functional capabilities needed to become efficient and effective while creating long-term value for our clients. In addition, IpX performs an active role in hosting executive forums and thought leadership on emerging digital trends. 

Assess. Invest. Focus.

Our true north digital services are flexible and tailored to the needs of your organization in order to maximize enterprise agility and digital capability. Thriving in today’s world requires effective agile ways of working across the global footprint of an organization.

Internet of Things - IIoT presents an exponential paradigm shift to transform the way we interact and do business. We increase your organizational value by creating new revenue streams with connected solutions and services and by reducing costs. IpX is the leader in providing an integrated business model approach to digitizing the physical world to unlock real value for our clients.

Digital Thread - The digital thread refers to the processes and tools used for communicating data through a connected flow of an asset’s datasets throughout a product ‘s lifecycle including: Concept, Design, Production, Service and Decommissioning, utilizing a complete digital data structure and a close loop change process. IpX expands on this definition to ensure that the enterprise consistently provide “the right information, to the right individuals, in the right place, at the right time’ so that proper decisions can be made. Additionally the CM2 model ensures that all information remains clear, concise and valid. 

Digital Twin - The digital twin is the data and intelligence that represent the structure and interrelated conditions of a physical item of any type. It’s purpose is to understand the previous and current  datasets that provide the information to understand past and present operations, and make predictions about the future state of an item. These are powerful digital datasets that can be used to optimize the physical item, significantly improving operational performance and enterprise business processes.  

CPQ, PLM, ERP, MES, CLM - We maximize our clients’ ability to design and deliver innovative products and services through the application of modern enabling solution approaches. We create and deliver functional requirement specifications that thoroughly define the needed system and user needs. IpX provides unbiased and strategic executive advisement services. We help you establish an effective digital solution strategy for your enterprise. IpX will also assist you in identifying requirements, selecting and implementing the proper holistic solution.

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