Wouter Mollers

Wouter Mollers



CM2-Professional Certification, 2015

IPX Congress Member Profile

How did your career journey lead to change and configuration management? 
While studying Aerospace Engineering, my attention was actually drawn towards all kinds of technical management fields of expertise, i.e. Quality Management, Business Process Management, Systems Engineering, Engineering Management and so forth. My first encounter with change and configuration management was at Cofely working on a large project for the Dutch government where change and configuration management was required

What was your introduction to CM2?
The then-contracted Configuration Manager at Cofely handed me the book by Vince Guess: CMII for Business Process Infrastructure. After reading it once, I was intrigued by the line of thinking, but did not fully understand it yet. So, after reading it again I decided to attend online CM2 training and go to the 2012 European CM2 Conference in Berlin, where I met Joseph Anderson, Guido Weischedel and Thomas Schwartz amongst others. 

How has CM2 been beneficial to your career growth?
Looking back, I have experienced CM2 as the red pill from the movie The Matrix; a scene which I still use sometimes when introducing CM2 to someone. There’s no way back after that point where you begin to see the world from a change and configuration perspective. The downside of it is that you suddenly see how much many organizations are struggling in this critical area, but the upside is that CM2 provides the right answers for dealing with these universal challenges. In fact, compared to all other well-known methodologies, CM2 provides the most & best answers that I know about.

What’s one professional skill you’re currently working on?
Recently I’ve optimized my audit skills, both in terms of quality as well as schedule. My clients and myself are quite satisfied with the results. Also, I am continuously improving my application of situational behavior, which basically is a never-ending story due to the depth of this topic.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?
That depends a bit to how we are acquainted of course. Viewed from the professional domain perhaps you might be surprised that I have a passion for cooking. I am currently even taking some classes here at the National Academy in The Netherlands.

What do you do for fun?
Besides cooking, I like to ride bikes (i.e. racing bike, mountain bike, motorcycle), walk/hike with my girlfriend and dog, and watch motorsports.

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