Course CM2-11

Cybersecurity and Compliance to NIST SP 800-53 and SP 800-128


Many organizations have experienced the negative effects of a security breach of their
intellectual property or protected information. The ramifications of these events are
significantly exacerbated when the information breach involves personal information about the
organization’s employees or their customers, or information deemed critical to national
security or national defense. The business cost of these breaches was estimated to be in excess
of $45,000,000,000 ($45 billion) in 2018.

Using the National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication 800-53 (NIST
SP800-53) as a foundation, this 2-day course focuses on the challenges every organization faces
in protecting the security of their released information and their information technology
systems. In today’s world of ever-expanding networks and digitized information, these
challenges are becoming more complex and more significant every day.

This course will examine the fundamental changes that must take place within an organization
and its processes. We will utilize specific fundamental principles of Configuration Management
to enable the creation of powerful protocols that are needed to protect an organization’s
information assets and business tools. Students successfully completing this course will obtain a
strong foundation of these best practices and an understanding of what steps need to be taken next. 
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