SAE EIA-649 Certificate Course

Application of the Standard for Configuration ManagementEIA-649


The SAE EIA-649, Standard for Configuration Management, and the companion, SAE GEIA 649A Handbook, are Configuration Management (CM) standards used by both governmental and private enterprises worldwide. These standards provide the foundation of CM principles and graphic guidance used in regulated acquisition and enterprise environments. 

This course will provide hands-on discussion and workshops related to the latest released EIA-649 principles and the associated best practices while giving real-world application methods. Additionally, the session will discuss contemporary and advanced techniques for applying Configuration Management requirements and best practices within rapidly evolving digital design and manufacturing environments.

This four-day boot camp will facilitate detailed discussions and furnish examples integrated with foundational configuration principles outlined within
EIA-649. At the conclusion of the class, each student will receive a licensed digital copy of the latest versions of both the EIA-649 standard and the companion GEIA 649 Handbook. 

Locations and Options

Our staff and partner network span the globe. Our instructors enrich our mission with decades of real-world experience in both the public and private sectors. 

We offer two options for taking our courses:
  • Attend publicly held courses at a published site, available year-round across the globe.
  • Conduct on-site courses with tailored consultation on issues facing your enterprise.


A. The Foundation of EIA-649
B. Configuration Identification Significance (CI-1 and CI-2) 
C. Configuration Identifiers (CI-3 thru CI-4) 
Workshop: Traceability (Reidentification of Part Numbers) 
D. More Configuration Identifiers (CI-5 thru CI-8) 
E. Product Structure and Release (CI-9 and CI-10) 
Workshop BoMs/Product Structure
F. Product Baselines and Interfaces (CI-11 thru CI-14) 
G. Configuration Change Management (CCM-1 thru CCM-4)
H. Document the Change (CCM-5 thru CCM-9) 
Workshop: Designing a Change Control Process
I. Configuration Status Accounting (CSA-1 thru CSA-3) 
J. Configuration Verification & Audit (CVA-1 thru CVA-4) 
Workshop: Developing an FCA | PCA | Certification Approach
K. Software, Firmware, and Model-Based Process Considerations
L. Configuration Management & Planning (CMP-1 thru CMP-3) 
M. Configuration Management & Planning (CMP-4 thru CMP-9)
N. CM Plan Checklists and Templates 
Workshop: Develop a CM Plan 
O. Course Review and Summary

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