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IpX's revolutionary RISE platform fosters Respect through Inclusion, Service, and Equity. Our training and service model introduces methods for globalization of diversity and inclusion initiatives, employee resource networks, community outreach strategies while embedding the RISE culture throughout the enterprise ecosystem. 

RISE was created using the expertise of individuals from the fields of engineering, manufacturing, business, human resources, anthropology, art, education, law, and the military worldwide to develop a roadmap for achieving the RISE standards. Participants in this platform will not only learn tools to bolster their own understanding of diversity and inclusion in the workplace but will also take an unyielding personal inventory of aspects of their own diversity and how their perspectives and experiences can contribute to creating and sustaining a dynamic workplace. 

The RISE platform instills a novel way of thinking that focuses on fulfilling the needs of the individual and not simply an HR-centered initiative. Employees will execute with far more passion and commitment when they feel valued for their individuality. Today, it is not only about having diversity within a company but leveraging that diversity to produce better products, services and improves customer and supplier relations.

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"Visible diversity is great to have within your organization. It's also just one kind of diversity. And you don't really, fully understand who your employees are just by looking at them."

Staci Hegarty, IpX Global Director, Equity & Inclusion

It Starts with You

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Creating effective retention strategies that improve the environment to decrease turnover of high potential resources should be one of leadership's most important jobs. All employees have unique desires and goals. They want to feel that they are appreciated by their employer and treated fairly. They want to be challenged and excited by the job they are asked to do.

An effective employee retention program addresses all of these concerns. But it also goes beyond the basics. In fact, your efforts should start on a new hire's first day on the job. The initial training and support you provide sets the tone for the employee's tenure at the company and boosts job  satisfaction.

Diversity and inclusion should not be treated as a ‘one-off’ initiative. Promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace should foster a sense of belonging; it is a continual process that should be maintained and nurtured to be effective. Diversity today means more than race and gender. There’s growing significance placed on creating enterprise ecosystems where a variety of different voices are encouraged and heard. These voices come from people who may or may not be of the same gender, race, age, sexual orientation, ability/disability, or ethnicity.

In a time of heightened awareness of social justice issues, RISE demonstrates tangible and meaningful commitment to living your corporate values. The RISE Maturity Model begins by identifying gaps – in outcomes, policies, and perceptions, and creates the framework for an ongoing, shared dialog and improvement plan.

RISE Maturity Model

Diversity has long been used as a catchall phrase that generally acknowledges that there is a vast number of ways that human beings are “different” from one another. Race, gender, and ethnicity are the obvious, often outward, designation used to identify how “someone is different than me." Yet we do ourselves and our fellow humans a disservice when we limit diversity to be something visual.
  • Gender cannot always be perceived by the outward expression of masculinity or femininity.  
  • Religion may be something you can see, if someone is wearing an item that is specific to a particular faith.  
  • The color of someone’s skin cannot typically tell you much of anything about a person except that one individual may have more melanin than another.
Diversity may come in the form of a learning disability, or a mental health issue, or sexual orientation. When we look for diversity on the outside, we miss many important ways that we are different from one another. We may also miss the ways that we are most aligned with one another. 

RISE is not a quick-fix and it cannot be used as a once-a-year seminar-style reminder that “diversity is good." RISE requires commitment from all levels of the organization, beginning with senior leadership. It requires active and consistent involvement, with mindful intention to grow a workplace culture that is open and welcoming to unique backgrounds, personalities and thinking styles across the enterprise. 

IpX RISE strategies are able to be adopted locally and include:

 Effective Training and Development Platforms  Value Added Mentorship Programs 
 Recognition and Rewards Systems   Fair and Equal Compensation Structures
 Work-life Harmonization Techniques  Communication and Feedback Analytics
 Onboarding and Retention Processes  Multicultural Talent Management

When organizations are too homogenous, innovation suffers and the opportunity is missed to bring creativity to problem-solving. Different points of view come from unique backgrounds and experiences. When diversity becomes a part of the strategic plan, companies are making a decision to value new and different points of view. Companies then open themselves up to attract high-caliber talent from a greater pool of candidates.  

With RISE companies realize the importance of a workforce powered with the voices of people from different backgrounds, personalities and thinking styles across the enterprise. RISE creates an environment where all people are encouraged to draw upon their unique experiences, perspectives and backgrounds to ensure sustainable long-term success of the organization.

Respect Through Inclusion, Service, & Equity®

For additional detail and/or a quote contact IpX Global Director of Equity & Inclusion, Staci Hegarty, staci@ipxhq.com

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