Course: Enabling Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity Compliance

Onsite Duration: 2 days
Online IpX LMS Duration: Within 30 days


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools excel in two major areas: managing documented product requirements and change process workflows. Properly architected PLM tools provide the functionality needed to support as-planned/as-released baselines, a closed-loop change process and the necessary cybersecurity protocols (defined by NIST Special Publication SP 800-123 and SP 800-53) to protect all intellectual property. 

How to maintain the Digital Thread from the baseline to the planning bill, then from the planning bill to the order bill, and finally from the order bill to the actual as-built configuration is a major challenge. Maintaining and complying with proper cybersecurity protocols, as that information is evolving and changing, also represents a major challenge

This course will describe how properly defined IT systems and process protocols can ensure an organizations compliance to NIST SP 800-123 and SP 800-53 cybersecurity requirements. It will describe how to use work authorizations to close the loop on order bills and ensure that the correct documents are utilized. It will describe the CM2 approach for managing and leveraging metadata and how to optimize reuse.

This course will establish a detailed process for defining the core elements that must be present to ensure organizational success and survival. It describes standard CM2-600 Enabling Tool Pre-Assessment Guide for assessing and certifying the ability of enabling tools, and the enabling characteristics of the CM2 business model relative to achieving all NIST SP 800-123 and SP 800-53 cybersecurity requirements.

Additional Course Information

  • Certificate is awarded upon completion 
  • CEUs granted through Purdue University 

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