What We Do

With our combination of cross industry business intelligence and technical expertise IpX is known for catalyzing organizational change and delivering transformational results.

Our True North Mission

To help customers achieve their objectives by providing best-in-class training, advisement, solutions and services that make it a value for all stakeholders to work with us. The IpX customer-centric True North Model defines how we engage with you, offering specialized training and services that meet the value added needs of your organization.

Our Team becomes Your Team

IpX's expertise is built upon decades of cross industry experience and this foundational knowledge is the basis for our training and service solutions. We become stakeholders for your business, offering a advisory-led approach with an integrated portfolio of solutions that encompass the entire enterprise ecosystem.

We take pride in acting as strategic partners for our clients to help them deliver true value and tangible transformation. Our clients across the world have achieved significant business results using our world-class CM2 principles and True North service solutions.

Our Company Ethos

The Institute for Process Excellence treats its employees like family. We extend that same respect, fairness, and confidentiality to our clients. We will not discriminate by race, gender, culture, or economic status. Our RISE initiative embodies our belief of inclusion, service, and equality to bring diversity and acceptance to all aspects of our business. We demonstrate excellence through ethical behavior, clear communication, and continually improving ourselves and our company to be a moral compass pointing to True North for corporate behavior and social responsibility.

Institute for Process Excellence

3700 Quebec #100-103
Denver, CO 80207

Telephone: (720) 627-5114
E-mail: info@ipxhq.com

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