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Based Exclusively on IpX's Proprietary CM2 Methodology
Answer Questions Across 8 Essential Topics to Rate Your Efficiency Process

At IpX, we created a self-assessment survey that allows you to evaluate the state of process excellence and interoperability based on our industry standards. Our survey covers 8 key topics to help you identify any areas that need improvement. We’ll also provide actionable insights into how to improve them.

Spend 15 minutes on the IpX Self Assessment to evaluate the state of process excellence in your organization and get the first online course in our CM2-Comprehensive change and configuration management certification series for free

Let IpX Guide You

Jump into the assessment yourself, or let Ken Black, Chief of the IpX Workforce Academy, guide you through with the following video. 


Rate your organization by answering a total of 56 questions across 8 key topics to earn a maximum of 280 points. Each question is graded on the following scale: No = 0 points; Yes = 5 points.

Key Topics

  • Configuration Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Change Management
  • Release Management
  • Data Management
  • Records Management
  • Dataset Control
  • Enabling Software

Rating the Process Efficiency of Your Organization

 Grade  Score Rating
225-280 Core processes provide a competitive advantage. Intervention is minimal. Improvements are robust
B 170-220 Core processes have many strengths and areas needing improvement are being addressed. 
C 110-165 Confidence in the CM2 principles and their application is growing as corrective action is declining.
D 55-105 The CM process has many weaknesses. The organization is deeply mired in corrective action.
0-50 The CM process is ineffective, there is no accountability. Firefighting is considered to be business as usual. 

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