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Partner to Achieve Your Mission

Paul Nelson
Chief Technical Strategist, Northrop Grumman

"Complex missions require partnerships to reduce risk and help ensure success. Delivering robust Enterprise-level Integrated Process Excellence (IPE) is a complex mission. Organizations typically partner together to increase the likelihood of each achieving their mission and to amplify their reach. Partnering strategies as well as recent Northrop Grumman Innovation System successes enabled by partnering shall be shared."

The V-Model - Your Phase-gate Approach to Innovation

Scott Wertel P.E.
Principal, Aerospace Research and Development Group, LLC

"When companies realize the value of elevating configuration management out from the shadow of engineering, they begin to see the real benefit of connected systems that are promised by technology but never achieved by technology alone."


"Successful implementation of the IpX CM2 Baseline and Closed-Loop change process is prerequisite to achieve the end-to-end configuration traceability driven by the needs of the model based design and the digitalization of the enterprise."
 Max Gravel, CM2-Professional

The Change and the Development processes

Martin Haket
Configuration Management Business Architect, ASML

"The CM2 Closed-Loop change process has many interactions with the processes from all the sectors involved in the change. The CM2 workflow process drives the progress of the change while the sector processes drive the content of the change."

The Digital Twin is not an Orphan

Susanne Lauda
Global Advanced Manufacturing Technology, AGCO

"The Digital DNA = The Digital Thread."

"Replication means: Merging the physical product with the virtual factory."

"The CM2 workflow has to be reflected across all Digital Thread systems."

Transform Traditional CM Culture into CM2 Infrastructure 

Cenk Onen
Director of Engineering, Roketsan

"Team is important."
"Follow the IpX True North Roadmap."
"Share your plans, results and improvements."
"Increase the level ownership."
"Do not give up to work on culture management and motivation."
"Satisfaction at all levels."

"Calibrate the Compass - CM2 closes the gap between True North (CM2) and Magnetic North (business view). Compasses point to MAGNETIC NORTH, which varies from True North by an error called VARIATION. Compasses also are subject to their own errors; this is called DEVIATION. ... Because the Magnetic North Pole moves, the variation changes from year to year.."    
 Robert LaFond, CM2-Professional

A Glimpse into the Future of CM 

Martijn Dullaart
Configuration Management Lead Architect, ASML
IPE/CM2 Congress Chair | Industry 4.0 Committee Chair

"CM2 enables your business to focus on what matters by managing knowledge baselines."

"CM2 enables your business to focus on what matters ."

"CM2 is the thread that ties all the knowledge together."

Releasing Engineering Capacity for Innovation with Effective & Efficient Change Management  

Vinu Gurukar
Sr. Director of PLM, Edwards Lifesciences
Kristen Lucero
Senior Analyst, Edwards Lifesciences
Joshua Arnaldo
Project Manager, Edwards Lifesciences

"CM2 allows the enterprise to reduce rework and release capacity for continued innovation. In addition, CM2 is the needed framework to standardize and align our processes. IpX provides the methods for organizational alignment.

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