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With breakthrough process improvement methods, we unlock the full potential of your Ecosystem DNA and accelerate the impacts of true interoperability.

IpX focuses on enterprise-wide transformations yielding functional business improvements. We assess your AS-IS ecosystem, define your TO-BE ecosystem, and manage your end-to-end sustainability and scalability initiatives.

Our clients know us for our True North Enterprise Calibration Model. This proven holistic and scalable engagement model dramatically reduces risks associated with change. The model ensures the fundamentals of people, processes, enabling tools and the goal of data interoperability within the context of the problem statements.

We're in this together. IpX believes in engaging with senior and key stakeholders early to build a compelling case for action and organizational alignment. We partner with your team and the most advanced solution leaders every step of the way.

Only with IpX

For over 35 years, our proprietary CM2 methodology has transformed companies worldwide providing the most robust foundation for true ecosystem traceability. Our True North Service Model intertwines the CM2 standard with a modern business engagement strategy, modern OCM methods & best practices, and expertise in systems integration.

CM2 DNA End-to-End Ecosystem Traceability

IpX Core Services

Business Model Evolution

IpX helps organizations identify their potential for transformation through our proprietary and tailored ecosystem assessment based on a fact-based analysis. This leads to reducing time to market, increasing first time yield, meeting quality objectives, and managing costs through careful alignment of people, processes, systems, and data. 

How We Do It

  • CM2 Maturity Model Assessment & Advisement | Industry Standard CM2-500
  • Quality Management Platform Assessment & Refinement
  • Ecosystem Business Model Assessment & Refinement Business Process Mapping
  • Enterprise Agility – Fit-for-Purpose agile methods of working across the entire organization
  • Robust governance and infrastructure model that builds capabilities, drives action, and accelerates impact
  • Staff Augmentation that enables a rapidly changing organization to adapt and evolve while tapping the critical expertise required for success
  • CM2 Certifications and Industry Leading Training  
  • Collaboration Events

Technological Evolution

A modern and modular approach that extracts the needed performance objective from new technologies, with measurable growth, productivity, and efficiency across the enterprise. The IpX service model offers a proven pragmatic methodology to guide decision making, manage the disruptive aspects of change, and reduce risk. This is accomplished, in part, by holistically and incrementally addressing people, processes, and the supporting technologies that create and manage the organization’s critical intellectual assets. 

How We Do It

  • IT Tool Assessment & Advisement (PLM, ERP, MES, etc.) | Industry Standard CM2-600
  • System Solution Value and ROI Analysis
  • System Discovery Workshops
  • Data Driven System Evaluation Methodology
  • System and Solution Architecture Advisement
  • Tailored Requirements, User Stories and Acceptance Criteria based on Industry
  • Implementation Service – end-to-end account and project management, requirement scenarios, UAT, Functional Training and User Support
  • Training & Workshops

Value and Case Studies

Nucleus Research, IpX Study

Nucleus Research

When Nucleus Research analysts investigated deployments of IpX's services, they found organizations were able to reduce the cost of managing deployments of new processes while increasing the productivity for employees. This resulted in both shorter development cycles and longer lifespans for the developed solutions, driving both short and long-term returns. Read more. 

IpX Case Studies  Across our 34+ year history supporting more than 1800 clients in 40 countries, IpX has melded industry best practices into its proprietary CM2 Quality Management Model, CM2-500. CM2-500 has been adopted by IpX customer-partners to achieve operational excellence in terms of reducing time to market, increasing the first-time yield, meeting quality objectives, and managing costs through careful alignment of people, processes, systems, and data.  Read more.
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