True North Enterprise Calibration™

Rejuvenate your legacy business model with our domain expertise and proven transformation model. We unlock the full potential of your Ecosystem DNA while building a culture of continual improvement. 

Sustainable Business and Digital Transformation

IpX brings decades of experience and capability across defense, aerospace, automotive, technology, software, and oil & gas industries, helping companies transform and prosper while disrupting their markets. For us, it’s about clarifying any underlying issues and helping companies address their most challenging business concerns by partnering with the organization to develop and implement new processes and ways of working.

IpX recognizes that business transformation can be disruptive, but also believes our True North Calibration Model offers a proven pragmatic methodology which guides decision making, minimizes disruption, and lowers risk. This is achieved through inclusive interaction with all stakeholders at all levels. This philosophy requires direct, transparent, and sometimes challenging discussions, which also builds trust between IpX transformation experts and client staff – a true partnership.

Drawing from IpX’s experience, we believe that breakthrough business process improvement outcomes are achieved by a combination of People, Processes, Systems, and Data. Technology enables process change, but desirable business improvement outcomes cannot be achieved without organizational changes also. Ultimately, people must be inspired, empowered, and engaged.

Critical Success Factors

• Compelling case for action and organizational alignment with senior and key stakeholders
• In-depth understanding of organizational goals and vision, industry best practices, and gaps/issues
• Identifying and engaging the right leaders

IpX focuses on end-to-end enterprise-wide sustainable transformations which yield functional business improvements.

The True North Enterprise Calibration Model is a proven set of best practices that enables global organizations to benchmark, assess, and transform the business challenges that impact most organizations.

Our industry experts work directly with your business stakeholders to assess the current state of the organization and create a tailored plan utilizing a phased approach for achieving the desired future goal.

These activities provide concrete recommendations based on current industry best practices.

We are not merely PowerPoint consultants.
We are Enterprise Sherpas.  

We roll our sleeves up and deliver the work many are afraid to do.
We are IpX. 

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