Course: Enterprise CM2 Implementation (CM2-06) 

Virtual and In-Person Instructor-Led Duration: 2 daysEnterprise CM2 Implementation Course
Online Self-Paced Duration: 16-20 hours


Organizations continue to be disappointed with the results of efforts to implement improvements to legacy PDM, PLM, and/or ERP systems. Even when opportunities for specific improvements are identified, they struggle with the ability to achieve successful implementation. These improvement projects are oftentimes reduced in scope and still experience cost overruns and missed schedules.

The negative experiences described above are also realized when an organization launches a process reengineering project. These common failures are not the problem - they are simply symptoms of an underlying bigger issue, an inability to properly manage and implement changes.

This course provides the path to achieving Enterprise Configuration Management (ECM), the enabling process needed to improve an organization’s tools and other core business processes. It includes a step-by-step simulation for establishing the proper foundation to successfully implement any identified tool or process improvement opportunity.

This course also shows how to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of current business practices, where to focus attention, how to develop a transition plan, and how to manage and ensure that the project meets its stated goals and yields the intended results.

Additional Course Information

  • Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of course and multiple-choice exam
  • CM2-Comprehensive Certification awarded upon completion of CM2-01 through CM2-06
  • CEUs granted through Purdue University
  • Standard Individual Student Price: $1,000 - $1,350 depending on modality

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