Build your Foundation for Operational Excellence with CM2-01

About CM2 Configuration Management Courses

CM2-01 Foundation of Operational Excellence is the first course in our CM2 enterprise change and configuration management series. CM2-01 presents a structured and effective methodology for documenting, validating, releasing, and changing requirements. In addition, it provides methods for reducing intervention resource costs. It addresses the process enhancements that an organization must make in order to accommodate change and keep all requirements clear, concise, and valid. 

Additional Course Information:

  • Public In-Person Duration: 2 days
  • Virtual Instructor-Led Course Duration: 2 full-days or 4 half-days
  • Online Self-Paced Course Duration: 16-20 hours
  • Certificate is awarded upon completion of course and multiple-choice exam
  • CEUs granted through Purdue University
  • Digital course manual provided with the option to purchase a printed copy

Public In-Person Course Details: 

Public courses in-person courses are provided at key locations across the United States. Start and end times for the course are the local time. Training locations will be provided once public courses are available. Students will be responsible for finding and booking their own lodging.

Virtual Instructor-Led Course Details:

Virtual courses will be administered real-time through Zoom. Courses are provided in 2 full-day and 4 half-day formats. Start and end times for the courses are Eastern Time. Learn more about virtual instructor-led training.

Online Self-Paced Course Details:

All online courses are self-paced, pre-recorded lessons offered on our new, innovative learning platform the IDEA Academy. Each course takes approximately 16 hours to complete. Students post to discussion boards and submit workshops to a live instructor who is available for questions and guidance. Set up your free account now to start exploring the IDEA Academy today. Learn more about online self-pace training.

Private Course Details: 

Private group courses can be provided for teams with as few as four members. Bring your team together via an online meeting platform of your choice for team building and tailored discussions on issues facing your company. Each course will be provided on your schedule. Learn more about private training. 

Upcoming CM2-01 Courses

Modality  Dates Price  Register
Online Self-Paced Course On Demand $1,000 REGISTER
Virtual Instructor-Led Course (Half-Day) June 6-9, 2022 $1,200  REGISTER
Virtual Instructor-Led Course (Full-Day) July 18-19, 2022 $1,200 REGISTER
Public In-Person Course (San Diego, CA) September 19-20, 2022 $1,350 REGISTER
 Virtual Instructor-Led Course (Half-Day)  September 26-30, 2022 $1,200 REGISTER

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