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CM2 Configuration Management Courses

About CM2 Certification Courses

IpX provides two levels of CM2 achievement:

Courses CM2 01-06 - CM2-Comprehensive Certification (CM2-C)
+ Courses CM2 07/08/09 - CM2-Professional Certification (CM2-P)

IpX CM2 online courses start every Monday and provide 24/7 access to self-paced, pre-recorded instruction. Students post to discussion boards and submit workshops to a live instructor who is available for questions and guidance. Most courses take approximately 16 hours to complete (24 hours for CM2-09). Successful completion of a multiple-choice exam is required at the end of each course to receive certificate/certification. Digital course manuals are provided with purchase. Printed copies may be purchased for $60 each. Please email info@ipxhq.com with additional questions.

View our public course schedule for virtual instructor-led courses.

Course/Bundle  Title  Price Register
CM2-C Bundle CM2-Comprehensive Certification Six-Course Bundle $6,000 $5,400 Register
CM2-P Bundle CM2-Professional Certification Nine-Course Bundle $9,200 $8,280 Register
CM2-01 Foundation of Operational Excellence $1,000 Register
CM2-02 Requirements and the CM2 Baseline $1,000 Register
CM2-03 Fundamentals of Change Management $1,000 Register
CM2-04 The CM2 Change Process $1,000 Register
CM2-05  The Complexities of Lifecycle Sustainment $1,000 Register
CM2-06 Enterprise CM2 Implementation $1,000 Register
CM2-P Bundle for Grads CM2-Professional Certification Three-Course Bundle for CM2-C Grads $3,200 $2,880 Register
CM2-07 Optimization of Core Business Processes $1,000 Register
CM2-08 Sustainable Organizational Transformation $1,000 Register
CM2-09 Application Workshops for Achieving Operational Excellence $1,200 Register

Additional Online Self-Paced Courses

 Course  Title  Price  Register
EIA-649 Application of the Standard for Configuration Management $1,195 Register
UDC Universal Document Control $1,000 Register
BIM-01 BIM | The Future of Building Information Modeling $125 Register
CM2-111 Learning Workshop | The Cost of Intervention Resources $125  Register

IpX is pleased to announce our CM2 and EIA-649 courses are eligible for Continuing Education Units through Purdue University.
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