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Gain the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to make an impact in your organization or industry through these exclusive, interactive courses from top executive coaches, thought leaders, and CEOs from Marshall Goldsmith’s Methods of 100 Coaches.

Course topics range from developing an entrepreneurial mindset and consumer-driven innovation to strategic project management and work autonomy. Learn how to lead effectively, drive innovation, and increase productivity across the enterprise.

You'll learn how to lead effectively, drive innovation, and increase productivity, which are essential skills for any entrepreneur or business leader.

Certification is awarded upon completion. Courses available for SHRM credits. 

Courses Included

Leadership from the Inc. 5000 - Eric Schurenberg - 7 Chapters - 41m

Mansueto Ventures CEO Eric Schurenberg takes us through his own entrepreneurial journey, as well as offering advice and anecdotes gleaned from his time spent with the Inc. 5000. Experience an in-depth examination on the inner workings of an Entrepreneurial Mindset, and learn what it takes to really be successful despite the massive risks involved.

JA Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset - Asheesh Advani - 11 Chapters - 1hr 5m

In this course, JA Worldwide CEO Asheesh Advani will expose you to tested and proven methods that will help cultivate your entrepreneurial mindset. These include deep dives on concepts like initiative, risk-taking, flexibility and adaptability, creativity and innovation, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Consumer Driven Innovation - Martin Lindstrom - 11 Chapters - 1hr

In this course, acclaimed brand and culture transformation specialist Martin Lindstrom illuminates how consumer driven innovation can exponentially affect a brand’s business outcomes. Throughout the course, Lindstrom educates you on small data, perception, rationality, and empathy, and shows us how seeing the world through the consumer’s eyes is the key to success.

Strategic Projects - Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez - 17 Chapters - 1hr 21 m

In this course, project management expert Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez showcases his proprietary framework for managing and successfully implementing strategic initiatives: The Project Canvas. He’ll take you through his patented system, step-by-step, demonstrating how to streamline and improve your project processes so as to ensure the highest levels of success, quality, and replicability.

Aligned Leadership - Hortense Le Gentil - 4 Chapters - 50m

In this course, Hortense Le Gentil outlines the most critical aspects of creating aligned leadership amongst your team. This includes chapters on effective communication, adaptability, and the power of letting go.

Work Autonomy - Dr. Rajogopal Raghunathan - 4 Chapters - 31m

In this course, Dr. Rajogopal Raghunathan dives deeper into the inner workings of work autonomy, and how you can create it for yourself. This course features in-depth exploration of key elements of personal autonomy and shows you first hand how to be happier at work.

Productivity - Peter Bregman - 14 Chapters - 57m

In this course, Peter Bregman teaches you crucial skills for mastering your personal productivity and creativity, so that you can put your best self out into the world each and every day.

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