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The IDEA Academy is an evolutionary learning platform powered by IpX - the Institute for Process Excellence. From Nutrition to Nuclear and from Aerospace to Automotive, IpX has provided education and professional services to over 2000 companies in ~40 countries for over 35 years.

When we say "Modern," "Gold Standard," and "Best Practices," there are not just marketing buzzwords. We are speaking to the present day and delivering right size, right time solutions. 

An Evolutionary, Immersive, and Interactive Education Platform

The IDEA Academy brings together industry certifications, accredited courseware, and thought leaders under one platform:

  • The leading CM2 Certification Series
  • Access to Marshall Goldsmith's Methods of 100 Coaches featuring the world's top executive coaches, thought leaders, and CEOs
  • Cutting-edge Micro courses with best practices and requirements for a connected digital ecosystem

Why Choose the IDEA Academy?

  • Certifications exclusive to the IDEA Academy in Business Transformation, Executive Coaching, Leadership, Team Development and more
  • Interactive workshops and workbooks to guide you through the courseware
  • A Private Community to connect and collaborate with other professionals

One Subscription, Hours of Interactive Training

The IDEA Academy Subscription offers access to hours of professional and personal development training including CM2 Jump-Start courses, Digital Cornerstone courses, Methods of 100 Coaches courses, and more. Get 24/7 on-demand access to exclusive training, leading industry certifications, and a professional network. 

CM2 Jump-Start Courses | Included
IpX's CM2 Jump-Start Courses are short courses with a big impact, covering critical CM2 topics. Perfect for new students or those who want to reintroduce themselves to core CM2 concepts, this series includes details on the closed loop change management process, key change management roles, the cost of intervention resources, and more. 

Featured Courses:
CM2-111 The Cost of Intervention Resources Workshop
CM2-112 Blueprint for Closed Loop Change Management
CM2-113 Roles and Accountability for Effective Change Management

Digital Cornerstone Courses | Included
The Digital Cornerstone includes a comprehensive micro series of courses providing requirements and best practices for the future of the digital ecosystem. Understand the future of transformation and true interoperability in your organization with topics such as digitization, options and variants, integrated logistics support, and more. *New Courses Added Monthly*

Featured Courses:
DC-511 Digitization of the Business Ecosystem 
DC-512 Optimizing the Build-to-Order Enterprise
DC-513 Integrated Logistics Support

Methods of 100 Coaches | Included 
Marshall Goldsmith's Methods of 100 Coaches courses help leadership directors, business coaches, and driven individuals grow themselves and their teams through exclusive, interactive courses from the world’s top executive coaches, thought leaders, and CEOs. Trainings include organizational leadership, communication and emotional intelligence, decision making and risk-taking, and include SHRM credits.

Featured Courses:
Organizational Leadership
Communication & Emotional Intelligence
Decision Making & Risk Taking

eia-649EIA-649 | Application of the Standard for Configuration Management
SAE EIA-649 Application of the Standard for Configuration Management from IpX provides discussions and workshops related to EIA-649 principles while providing real-world application methods for governmental environments. 

IpX is the only place to take EIA-649 online and on-demand!

BIM: The Future of Building Information Modeling | Included
BIM is a fundamental process to ensure the planning, design, and construction of a building is efficient and collaborative.  The key to successfully creating an enriched BIM Model is the management of the information used to produce the model. The IpX BIM model and methodology enrich communication and empower traceability.

IpX-20 Universal Policy Procedure and Document ControlUniversal Procedure, Policy & Document Control

As digital solutions have advanced, so have the capabilities and processes needed to ensure proper document security, analysis, control, and digital storage. Join this course to learn how to manage all product-related documents through a standard Document Control process. Read the abstract 

Add-on Training in the IDEA Academy

CM2 Certifications

IpX's globally recognized CM2 platform is the industry standard for the digital thread and the supporting infrastructure framework that bridges gaps between design and data flow analysis tools. Using a common language, CM2 empowers cohesive interoperability and brings together disparate systems to make them more resilient within zero-trust, multi-stakeholder environments. For over 35 years, professionals worldwide have earned their CM2-Comprehensive and CM2-Professional certifications. 

CM2 Certification Courses are available for purchase in the IDEA Academy as an add-on and are not included in the IDEA Academy subscription. Explore the CM2 Platform


Your IDEA Academy Subscription will automatically renew at the end of a 1-year subscription term.
The subscription fee will be charged to the card on file or an invoice will be sent to your email at the time of renewal.

Tailor-Made, Fit-for-Purpose Education and Professional Learning

Our mission is to transform the way people learn and advance their skills. We believe everyone should be able to seamlessly acquire new and fit-for-purpose education that is delivered in an interactive virtual experience. 

Our solution is not a stagnant training hosting service. It's a unique interactive experience for the user and an optional private label platform for education providers and businesses. 

Contact us to see how the IDEA Academy can be curated to focus on your organization's training needs with your company's branding.

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