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Innovation Driven by Excellence and Accountability

The IDEA Academy is an evolutionary learning platform powered by IpX - the Institute for Process Excellence. From Nutrition to Nuclear and from Aerospace to Outer Space, IpX has provided education and professional services to over 2000 companies in ~40 countries for over 35 years.

When we say "Modern," "Gold Standard," and "Best Practices," there are not just marketing buzzwords. We are speaking to the present day and delivering right size, right time solutions. 

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An Evolutionary, Immersive, and Interactive Education Platform

IDEA Academy IpX LMS Software Platform CM2The IDEA Academy brings together industry certifications, accredited courseware, and thought leaders under one platform: 

  • The leading CM2 Industry Certification Series
  • Industry leading experts in Professional Development, Leadership, Compliance, Sales, Communications, and many more.
Along with access to leading material, your free account provides:

  • Your CM2 journey history and progress tracking for all future courses
  • A Private Community to connect and collaborate with other professionals
  • Social groups for sharing the latest in industry topics and career opportunities
  • Quick registration to your next course or series inside the platform

We deliver world leading content and curriculum under the guidance of design specialists and knowledge experts. In addition to our own curated content, we can host your unique content and/or integrate with your existing LMS platform. 

Tailor-Made, Fit-for-Purpose Education and Professional Learning

Our mission is to transform the way people learn and advance their skills. We believe everyone should be able to seamlessly acquire new and fit-for-purpose education that is delivered in an interactive virtual experience. 

Our solution is more than a stagnant training hosting service. It's a unique interactive experience for the user and an optional private label platform for education providers and businesses. 

Use the form below to contact us to see how the IDEA Academy can be curated to focus on your organization's training needs with your company's branding.

IDEA Academy IpX LMS Software Platform CM2

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