EIA-649 Application of the Standard for Configuration Management

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In a government regulated and/or defense industry? Have to adhere to EIA-649?

IpX's EIA-649 course is a 3-day course that provides hands-on discussion and workshops related to EIA-649 principles while providing real-world application methods for governmental environments. The course teaches practical application methods used for enforcing Configuration Management Requirements per EIA-649. Each student will receive a licensed digital copy of the latest version of the EIA-649 standard.

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EIA-649 is available online individually within the IDEA Academy or as a part of the IDEA Academy Subscription. Contact us today at (720) 627-5114 or info@ipxhq.com for more information or to schedule an onsite session.

Course Abstract

Course: Application of the Standard for Configuration Management
Onsite Duration: 3 days
Online with the IDEA Academy: 20-24 hours

EIA649 Application of the Standard for Configuration ManagementAbstract

The SAE EIA-649, Standard for Configuration Management is a Configuration Management (CM) standard used by both governmental and private enterprises worldwide.  

This standard provides the foundation of CM principles and graphic guidance used in regulated acquisition and enterprise environments.

This course will provide hands-on discussions and workshops related to the latest released EIA-649 principles and the associated best practices while giving real-world application methods.

Additionally, the session will discuss contemporary and advanced techniques for applying Configuration Management requirements and best practices within rapidly evolving digital design and manufacturing environments.

This three-day boot camp will facilitate detailed discussions and furnish examples integrated with foundational configuration principles outlined within EIA-649.

Additional Course Information

  • EIA-649 Specialist certificate is awarded upon completion 
  • At the conclusion of the class, each student will receive a licensed digital copy of the latest version of the EIA-649 standard
  • CEUs granted through Purdue University
  • Digital course manual provided with the option to purchase a printed copy


01 The Foundation of EIA649 
02 CM Planning and Management (Principles CMP 1 thru CMP 3)
03 CM Planning and Management (Principles CMP 4 thru CMP 6)
04 CM Planning and Management (Principles CMP 7 thru CMP 9)
Workshop 1: “Develop a CM Plan Introduction and Outline”
05 Configuration Identification (Principles CI 1 & CI 2)
06 Configuration Identification (Principles CI 3 & CI 4)
07 Configuration Identification (Principles CI 5 thru CI 8)
Workshop 2: “Part Number Reidentification”
08 Configuration Identification (Principles CI 9 & CI 10)
09 Configuration Identification (Principle CI 11)
10 Configuration Identification (Principles CI 12 thru CI 14)
Workshop 3: “Create Solar Fan Product Structure”
11 Configuration Change Management (Principles CCM 1 thru CCM 3)
12 Configuration Change Management (Principles CCM 4 thru CCM 6)
13 Configuration Change Management (Principles CCM 7 thru CCM 9)
Workshop 4: “Designing a Change Control Process”
14 Configuration Status Accounting (Principles CSA 1 thru CSA 3)
15 Configuration Verification and Audit (Principles CVA 1 thru CVA 4)
Course Review and Summary

IpX True North Podcast

Listen to the True North Podcast episode: "How CM2 Achieves the Requirements of the EIA-649 Standard for CM - IpX True North Podcast Episode 2."

In this episode, host Chris Anderson talks with Todd Egan and Scott Wertel, CM2 Professionals, on how CM2 achieves the requirements of the EIA-649 standard for CM. Learn the history of configuration management and EIA-649 and the benefits to implementing CM into your organization.

Hear Todd and Scott explain:

- Resistance to implementing CM inside an organization and overcoming objectives
- How EIA-649 acts as the pillars of CM and a foundational element to CM2
- How CM2 expands the focus of traditional CM to the enterprise with - traceability across the entire product lifecycle and is industry agnostic
- Recommendations on how companies are able to enhance their CM programs to prevent recalls
- Training opportunities to start learning about EIA-649 and CM2
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