Systems Engineering: For Technology-Based Projects and Product Developments

A PPI-International course presented by Robert Halligan, Alwyn Smit, Clive Tudge or Michael Gainford


This 5-day Systems Engineering for Technology-Based Projects and Product Developments course is intended for anybody who will perform or manage significant engineering roles, whether under the name “systems engineering” or not. This course is ideal for formal systems engineering training in that it leads the participant through the ways of thinking and acting that is systems engineering. The course instills significant understanding together with actionable methods from which skill can be developed through application of the methods in the workplace.

This 5-day course addresses systems engineering as it is understood and practiced by leading developer and supplier organizations worldwide.

Our Systems Engineering training provides an integrated approach to the set of management and technical disciplines that combine to optimize system effectiveness, enhance project success and reduce risk. Ways of achieving corporate objectives, e.g., time to market, cost of goods sold, product quality, strategic objectives, are a constant theme throughout the course.

The course commences with broad concepts of a systems approach to the engineering of systems (based on systems thinking) and progressively adds detail. Concepts are introduced through a very simple system, and then re-applied to the engineering of a larger, more complex system. A single system is then taken in workshop format through all process areas. Participants leave the course equipped with an understanding of, and some experience via substantial workshops in, effective, efficient, actionable methods. The course is strong in Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) techniques throughout.

This course may be credited toward the maintenance of the INCOSE Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) accreditation for 40 Professional Development Units.

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