CM2-C Textbook

The CM2 Textbook

The Single Source for Enterprise Transformation

IpX is thrilled to share the latest addition to the CM2 Certification toolkit - a textbook designed for the CM2-Comprehensive Certification. 

The CM2 Approach To Change and Configuration Management combines all six CM2-Comprehensive courseware manuals into a thoughtfully consolidated textbook. This edition delivers an improved learning experience with editorial improvements from authors Joseph Anderson, David Ewing, Jorge Camba, and Travis Fuerst.

Discover enriched content, improved visuals, and a more accessible format – all designed to provide you with an all-inclusive resource for your CM2 journey.

About the Book

In an industrial era where costly recalls are often factored into warranty costs, a pivotal shift is essential. Enter The CM2 Approach to Change and Configuration Management—a book that explores the fundamental core of thriving organizations and champions CM2 as the catalyst for digital metamorphosis. This isn’t just about adapting to change; it’s about commanding it.

CM2 isn’t just a method—it’s the bedrock of engineering design robustness, the blueprint for manufacturing and operations excellence, and the linchpin for seamless logistics and service support. By assimilating CM2 principles, you’re not just integrating a system; you’re recalibrating your organization’s DNA. Equipped with this knowledge, readers will deftly navigate the maze of digital transformation, bolstering collaboration and turbocharging productivity.

Embracing CM2 means more than just staying afloat in a sea of change—it means charting the course, steering the ship, and pioneering new horizons of digital evolution. This authoritative guide demystifies CM2, arming businesses with the insights needed to not only confront dynamic challenges but to excel in the face of them. Dive in and discover the key to unlocking boundless growth and enduring success in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Purchase your copy of the CM2 textbook in a hardback or digital format, giving you the flexibility to match your learning style.

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2024 Transition

CM2 Textbook Launch Image CircleStarting in 2024, students have the option to purchase the CM2 textbook hardcover or ebook to accompany all CM2-Comprehensive courses (CM2-01 through CM2-06). Individual course manuals will no longer be available in the IDEA Academy or for purchase.

New Students

Starting in January 2024, anyone starting their CM2-C journey will receive a digital textbook accessible within the IDEA Academy. Hardcovers are available for purchase. 

Current Students

In 2024 access to digital instructor manuals will be vetted on a case-by-case basis to protect intellectual property. Contact

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