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CM2 is the global enterprise standard for change and configuration management. CM2 provides a comprehensive methodology for managing the configuration of a product, system, and/or service throughout its life.

When we think of an organization's processes and data, we traditionally think of them as a simple tool or step in the system that helps an organization accomplish a goal. With CM2 we challenge that concept. 

A corporations data is so much more than a simple tool. It’s the organization’s CM2 Digital DNA: the foundational building blocks that allow you to leverage institutional knowledge, optimize current product offerings and conceptualize the products of tomorrow.

The terms Digital Thread and Digital Twin have been a favorite of industry over the last several years. What exactly is the Digital Thread? What is the Digital Twin, and how do we get there?

Think of the Digital Thread as the digital connective tissue between enterprise disciplines and datasets akin to the building blocks of a DNA strand. Individually they each tell part of the story from a different perspective and with a different focus. But connected together they become far more powerful. They build upon one another to create a product or project...a Digital Twin.  

Thus allowing an organization to work initiatives and challenges tactically with a confidence that the scope of the change is understood not only at its current point in the lifecycle but with an understanding of downstream implications to ensure the decisions being made address the full lifecycle of the product.

Drawing from IpX’s experience, we believe breakthrough business process improvement outcomes are achieved by holistically addressing the interoperability of your organizations people, processes, systems and data.

Technology enables process change, but desirable business improvement outcomes cannot be achieved without organizational changes. Ultimately, people must be inspired, empowered, and engaged.

Certification Courses

CM2-C (CM2 Comprehensive) Certification Requirements: Courses 01 - 06

CM2-P (CM2 Professional) Certification Requirements: Courses 01 - 09

"Successful implementation of the IpX CM2 Baseline and Closed-Loop change process is a prerequisite to achieving the end-to-end configuration traceability driven by the needs of the model-based design and the digitalization of the enterprise." 

– Max Gravel, IpX, Director of Model Based Enterprise     

IpX is pleased to announce our CM2 courses are eligible for PDUs from the Project Management Institute and Continuing Education Units through Purdue University.
Learn more about our University Partnerships. 

Locations and Options

Our staff and partner network spans the globe. Our instructors enrich our mission with decades of real-world experience in both the public and private sectors.

IpX offers multiple options for taking courses: 

  • Attend public courses virtually with a live instructor in a group of professionals looking to better their organization. This is a great opportunity for learning how other industries manage change within the enterprise.
  • Attend private courses virtually within your organization with as few as 4 students for in-depth discussions tailored to your company's issues and opportunities. 
  • Take the courses online individually at your own pace and get instant exposure to industry best practices.
IpX is monitoring the COVID-19 situation and taking our team and your team's safety seriously. When possible, we will resume offering classes in public locations globally. If your organization has a special request for onsite training with tailored discussions and to tackle issues facing your company, please contact us at
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