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Join IpX for instructor-led live, virtual training courses with a public or private group. Engage in real-time discussion with expert CM2 instructors and hear from others during interactive business transformation workshops. 


CM2-Comprehensive Certification Series

CM2 is the global enterprise standard for change and configuration management. CM2 provides a comprehensive methodology for managing the configuration of a product, system, and/or service throughout its life. We teach the core concepts of this methodology in a six-course series that results in a globally recognized CM2-Comprehensive Certification earned by more than 10,000 individuals. Join our upcoming virtual course series to start your journey to Operational Excellence.  

Virtual Course Schedule

 Courses Registration Registration
Foundation for Operational Excellence (CM2-01) May 7-8, 2020 Jun 11-12, 2020
Requirements and the CM2 Baseline (CM2-02) May 11-12, 2020 Jun 15-16, 2020
Fundamentals of Change Management (CM2-03) Jun 4-5, 2020 Jul 9-10, 2020
The CM2 Change Process (CM2-04) Jun 8-9, 2020 Jul 16-17, 2020
Optimizing the Digital Thread (CM2-05) Jul 7-8, 2020 Aug 6-7, 2020 
 Achieving Enterprise CM2 Implementation (CM2-06) Jul 13-14, 2020 Aug 10-11, 2020

"I wanted to send a note of thanks to you and the IpX team for such a great training. The team’s ability to be flexible with the delivery method in light of current circumstances was well received. I can honestly say that I feel that the quality of the training was not diminished in the slightest, which speaks volumes about the skill and passion of your team…well done! So much of what was covered resonates and I look forward to putting my new found knowledge into practice." - Enterprise Medical Device Organization

Value and Benefits of CM2

  • Increased efficiency with a defined configuration process that provides control and improves visibility with dynamic traceability.
  • Cost reduction by having detailed knowledge of all the elements of the configuration which allows for rework to be avoided.
  • Your business will have greater agility while shifting from a corrective action mindset to one that thrives on continual improvement.
  • Efficient and effective operating standards and procedures that transform the legacy business models of the past.
  • Closed-Loop change management reduces the risk, improves communication and shifts the focus from engineering to the enterprise.
  • Faster restoration of your service if a process failure occurs. If you know the required state of the configuration then recovering the working configuration will be much quicker and easier. 

Are you unemployed due to COVID-19?

Are you unemployed due to COVID-19? Contact us at, and we will work with you to take this course or one of our other course offerings for free. Our goal is to provide this service for the next few months with the support of our staff and client. 

Are you a CM2 graduate?

These courses will refresh and reignite your CM2 skills with updated material and terminology. Share this opportunity to inspire progress with all levels of your organization and across your workforce who will receive credit for course CM2-01. 

Are you part of an organization able to pay for courses?

Now is the time to invest in your people and their workforce development. This is an opportunity to give back to the workforce and to those who are unemployed.   

Optimizing the Digital Thread & Digital TwinFoundational Principles for Optimizing the Digital Thread & Digital Twin (CM2-16)

Foundational Principles for Optimizing the Digital Thread & Digital Twin (CM2-16) is a 2-day course that teaches implementation of the IpX CM2 Baseline and Closed-Loop change process as a prerequisite to achieving end-to-end configuration traceability driven by the needs of the model-based design and the digitalization of the enterprise. The Digital Thread refers to the processes and tools used for communicating data through a connected flow of an asset’s datasets throughout a product‘s lifecycle. The Digital Twin is the data and intelligence that represent the structure and interrelated conditions of a physical item of any type at any point in its lifecycle. Learn more.

Empowering Innovation Live VirtualEmpowering Innovation with Guard Rails (CM2-12)

Empowering Innovation with Guard Rails (CM2-12) is a 5-day course that teaches the key elements, principles and building blocks of the CM2 Model. Breakthrough business process improvement outcomes are achieved by holistically addressing the interoperability of your organization's people, processes, systems, and data. Technology enables process change, but desirable business improvement outcomes cannot be achieved without organizational changes. Ultimately, people must be inspired, empowered, and engaged. Learn more.

Registering for Virtual Courses

Virtual courses will be administered through GoToWebinar. Start and end times for the courses are Eastern Daylight Time. Details for how to access the course via GoToWebinar will be provided with your confirmation email. After registering for the course, students will receive confirmation from both IpX and an additional email from the GoToWebinar event confirming registration.
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