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The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center reports that of all students who started college in the fall of 2016, 73.9% persisted with attending any college in the fall of 2017. For the same cohort, only 61.6% were retained at the same institution for fall 2017. Institutions are going to great lengths to recruit students, yet those students are not necessarily staying at that college. RISE-Collegiate helps institutions uncover the underlying issues that are causing students to find another school at which to complete their education.

Envision RISE - Retention through Inclusion, Service and Equity

Industry 4.0

As colleges and universities prepare students for careers, they must also prepare students to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. IpX offers 13 courses designed for seminar-style delivery for undergraduate and graduate students. The courses include overviews of the Industry 4.0 topics, such as AI, Additive Manufacturing and Data Analytics as well as courses on the predicted inequalities that continued advances in technology will have on women, people of color and the populations of developing countries. These courses are not intended for deep study of technological advances, but rather for all students from all majors to begin to understand the influence technology will have on their personal and professional lives now and in the future.  
These courses are adaptable for K-12 learners to help support emerging STEM and STEAM students.

See Global Director of Equity & Inclusion, Staci Hegarty's latest thoughts on I.40 and Humanities education:  "Jumping Robots, Bioprinting and Why the Humanities Matter." 

Embedded and Stackable Certifications

IpX offers colleges and universities the opportunity to embed the first four or first six CM2 certifications into existing curricula, either credit or non-credit. 

Read more about the benefit of embedded, stackable credits to students and colleges from Global Director of Equity & Inclusion, Staci Hegarty.

For more information about existing curricula or to discuss customizable curricula, contact Global Director of Equity & Inclusion, Staci Hegarty,

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