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Bring your team face-to-face for cross-functional workshops that offer an eye-opening opportunity to unlock untapped potential in your organization.

Collaboration Events are designed to break down silos, foster communication and critical thinking, and jumpstart process optimization by bringing together individuals across the enterprise with the support of IpX, leaders in business and digital transformation. 

By discussing different perspectives and collaboratively problem-solving in person, engagement increases between teams, building a stronger sense of community. Teams can identify quick wins and increase efficiency leading to a stronger, more successful product development process that sets your organization apart from the competition, drives innovation, and improves quality. 

Transformation in Real Time

Collaboration events range from 4-to-8 hours and can be tailored to your organization's needs. IpX experts guide the onsite workshops keeping your team engaged while driving them forward quickly and efficiently. Working with IpX experts ensures that outputs from the workshops capture the critical inputs needed by each discipline within the organization to provide an accurate enterprise assessment of changes going forward.

Featured Events

➤ Digital Enterprise Foundations: Navigating the Digital Thread and Digital Twin

The Digital Twin is the data and intelligence that represents the configuration (structure and interrelated conditions) of a physical item of any type at any point in its lifecycle.

The Digital Thread refers to the processes and tools used for communicating data through a connected flow of an asset’s information and datasets throughout a product‘s lifecycle. The Digital Thread must enable efficient capture and sharing of product data downstream for effective manufacturing and supply chain consumption.

This workshop will identify the datasets that make up the digital twin. Students will understand how and why to centralize their data into single source(s) of truth, providing all value stream elements with access to single sources of data. Students will also learn the importance of defining clear and concise business processes that incorporate business best practices that bring data integrity to the right people at the right time to enable robust decisions for the business.

➤ From Concept to Launch: Mastering the New Product Introduction Process

Innovation is essential for business growth and competitiveness. Delivering innovation requires a robust development process that navigates an organization from concept through to service and decommissioning requirement validation/verification. Success requires process and decision governance, adequate risk management and mitigation, and increased confidence throughout the lifecycle phases.

This educational workshop reviews these elements and explores how the CM2 standard is critical for effective portfolio management and is the foundational delivery mechanism to deliver innovation to market effectively. Learn how flexible control mechanisms can be defined to fit the iterative needs of the early development phases while transitioning to formal control of various artifacts and datasets as the innovation begins to enter production.

➤ Contracting for Success: Achieving Optimal Outcomes in Supply Chain Management

Having a robust enterprise process for managing change is a crucial component for organizations seeking to optimize their procurement processes and adapt to evolving market conditions. Procurement change management focuses on implementing, analyzing, and managing changes within the procurement function while fostering stakeholder engagement and minimizing operational disruptions.

This workshop will explore the closed loop change process and expand the lens from an engineering to an enterprise viewpoint to translate industry standard best practices to enable the business to manage sustaining change across the business at an enterprise level. Students will learn about the foundational elements of the business process, key roles and responsibilities and ensuring the right people are engaged at the right time for optimal sustainment of our extended enterprise with a supply chain focus. Prioritization across the business and resource allocation to support supply chain initiatives is explored.

➤ Optimizing Manufacturing and Service Execution for Improved Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction requires that all wants and needs are captured by requirements and traced throughout the phases of development and into sustainment. Collaborative lifecycle deep dives can identify bottlenecks, gaps, and other opportunities in the handoffs of data from function to function. Understanding the As-Is state independent of documented business processes will uncover the hidden factories and true ways of working. Clearly defined steps with clear roles and responsibilities can be understood, defined, and agreed upon.

This activity will break silos through end-to-end process interdependency exploration. Team members will collectively break down complex or unclear business processes into smaller sequential steps. This activity will increase understanding of the sequence of functional tasks, interdependencies and organizational standards for heads-down time and calendar durations that lead to more accurately defined change effectivity dates for clear communication to the manufacturing, operations and service domains to prepare and manage physical inventory.

➤ From Evaluation to Execution: Streamlining Enterprise Change Assessment Processes

Many organizations are unable to definitively know if their valuable resources are working on the right things at the right time. Efficient and effective execution of change throughout the organization is dependent on a total understanding of change impact. Organizations consumed with intervention and rework often are lacking a thorough enterprise change assessment in advance of task execution. A standardized methodology for understanding of the work to be accomplished and the people affected by a change can facilitate an accurate apples-to-apples comparison for risk assessment and business prioritization.

This educational workshop will facilitate across functional understanding of how to conduct a consistent enterprise change assessment across teams and business units. Students will learn how to define functional standards to assess the work to be accomplished, estimate the cost for each task, and develop an accurate impact analysis for robust business decisions.

True NorthIpX True North Ecosystem Transformation Services. IpX focuses on enterprise-wide transformations yielding functional business improvements. We assess your AS-IS ecosystem, define your TO-BE ecosystem, and manage your end-to-end sustainability and scalability initiatives. The True North model is a holistic and scalable engagement model dramatically reducing risks associated with change. The model ensures the fundamentals of people, processes, enabling tools and the goal of data interoperability within the context of the problem statements.

IpX believes in engaging with senior and key stakeholders early to build a compelling case for action and organizational alignment. We partner with your team and the most advanced solution leaders every step of the way. contact  info@ipxhq.com.
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