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IpX helps Digital Solution providers define their strategies and functional requirements. Solution providers find that an unbiased relationship with IpX enhances their competitive position within their markets.

CM2 Five Star Certification

Solutions are assessed against the requirements in CM2-600. Demand for better functionality to support the CM2 Model continues to grow as more organizations adopt CM2 as their process standard. The objective is to help tool providers understand any gaps that exist and the relative significance.

Tool CM2 Star RatingSolution ProviderDate CertifiedVersion
CMPROFive Stars Professional Systems Associates, Inc.
Website: psasys.com
Phone: 1.850.763.2192
December 20162.2
ARASFour StarsAras Corporation
Website: www.aras.com
Phone: 1.978.691.8900
September 2018Innovator 11 SP12
SiemensFour StarsSiemens AG
Website: www.siemens.com
Phone: 1.800.241.4453
September 2018Teamcenter 11.5
CMISThree StarsNSE Technology, Inc.
Website: www.nsetec.com
Phone: +82-42-867-5800
September 20172.0 Korean Translation 

Digital CM2 Certification Subcommittee

IpX works with businesses and enabling tool providers to ensure that their commercial off the shelf (COTS) product is truly ready for enterprise adoption. Solution providers must be licensed to utilize the CM2 DNA, and the software solution (by version) must be certified by IpX to be deemed as CM2 compliant.

CM2 DNA End-to-End Ecosystem Traceability
In addition, IpX has developed business and design specifications for our clients to reduce business user adoption concerns, change and development cycle times, configuration and customization costs, design defects, and overall project schedules. Our experts will work with your team to ensure a proper solution that efficiently supports your users, customers, and supply chain.

Demand for better functionality to support the CM2 Model continues to grow as organizations adopt CM2 as their process standard. Solutions such as, but not limited to PLM, ERP and MES, are assessed against the requirements in CM2-500 and CM2-600. The objective is to help solution providers understand the technical and process gaps that exist, the relative significance to their organization, as well as the appropriate resolution(s).

The tool provider must provide IpX with a full demonstration of the product suite along with functional design specifications with screen images.

All certification requests must be coordinated with IpX Global Services. The IpX Vice President of Services will manage all aspects of resource allocation, assessment, and tool provider discussions. The IpX Executive board will provide final disposition on assessment results and licenses. All licenses and associated fees are allocated on an annual basis.

In addition to the annual license, the 40 mandatory requirements must be met to receive the first of five possible stars. Additional stars are awarded based on meeting the balance of the 66 non-mandatory requirements.

Upon successful certification, the tool system will be distinguished and marketed as such on the IpX website and marketing material.

We are proud to host the Digital CM2 Certification Subcommittee to ensure IpX's standards are met within the enabling tool provider's solution. 

Paul Nelson
Northrop Grumman
Craig Brown
GM - Retired
Carmen Gillenwaters
Edwards Lifesciences
Martin Haket
Sema Ozen
Arçelik A.Ş.
Duane Stromberg
Northrop Grumman
Amitabh Verma AutodeskGary D'Souza
Eddie Kolesar

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