Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management (OCM) requires leading and engaging people.

Your OCM needs must be part of the larger program and like any other project, will have an objective, deliverables, a project team, a project manager, and a project plan.

The objective of this set of deliverables is to support the organization at all required levels to proactively engage and lead the organization's calibration journey.

Technology enables process change, but desirable business improvement outcomes cannot be achieved without organizational changes also. Ultimately, people must be inspired, empowered, and engaged.

Define – a structured approach to proactively manage the impacts of change both at an individual and institutional level.

Deliver – strategies that help individuals and the organization make successful transitions and result in the adoption of change for desired outcomes.

Empower – all objectives including institutional, technical, and human - are fully implemented and embedded in the institution.

Building a high-performance team Aligning expectations of change
Consolidate improvements & produce more change Implementing new approaches to recognition and reward
Clarifying expected changes Communications Strategy
Institutionalizing new approaches Building an Engagement Network
Communicating about change Managing change activities
Mentoring Training

Connecting the Dots: IpX to Envision RISE

Drawing from IpX’s more than 35 years of experience, we developed an Evolutionary DE&I Platform that defines, promotes and empowers the necessary training, communications, and tools to help bolster one’s own understanding of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. RISE takes an unyielding personal inventory of aspects of your own diversity and how your perspectives and experiences can contribute to creating and sustaining a dynamic workplace.

The RISE platform instills a novel way of thinking that focuses on fulfilling the needs of the individual and not simply an HR-centered initiative. This is an evolution from legacy Organizational Change Management (OCM) methods to a modern fit-for-purpose Organizational Evolution & Sustainability (OE&S) platform.

IpX Envision RISE OCM

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