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If you have ever been to one of IpX’s events, or taken a class, or talked to anyone associated with the company, you have probably also heard them mention the IPX Global Congress (previously the CM2 Global Congress). But what exactly is this “congress”? Who’s on it? And why does it matter?

The Advisor's Advisor

Quite frankly, the Global Congress is made up of an international contingent of cross industry volunteers who combine their expertise with configuration management and process excellence into a guiding body that keeps IpX up to date on relevant industry trends and critical business drivers. You could say they are an advisory committee to IpX - the advisor’s advisor.

The Finest Talent

One unique aspect of the Congress is that each member must have achieved their CM2-P certification to be eligible for nomination to the Congress. What is more distinctive though, and clearly evident when you meet any Congress member, is their passion for the industry and level of expert knowledge that they maintain when it comes to implementing and management CM2 principles in each of their parent organizations. Nowhere else will you find a collection of talent and subject matter experts resolute on their mission:

To advance and promote the successful implementation of Integrated Process Excellence (IPE) and CM2 throughout all industries worldwide.

A Simple Charter

But the Congress does not singularly advise IpX. The Congress’ charter expands its mission to “inspire, connect, mentor, and support all CM2 certified professionals.” In other words, the Congress exists to support all practicing CM2 individuals. It is a support group. And those of you who actively work in configuration management know exactly how important that is. The Congress members combine their knowledge into a worldwide best practices for configuration management and do so in a fun and supportive way through regular meetings, subcommittees, and (pre-COVID) an annual face-to-face meeting and social at IpX’s ConX event.

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If you want to learn more about the IPX Global Congress or are interested in being a member, you can learn more by visiting their webpage or contacting
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