IPX Congress Announces New Leadership Chair Assumption


DENVER, July 19, 2021 – The IPX Congress is excited to announce the appointment of Catie Jelinski, Quality Professional, one of the Congress’s founding members and sitting Co-Chair, as the new IpX Congress Chair for 2021. The IPX Congress Chair is elected annually by the IPX Congress to lead the organizations mission to help organizations worldwide achieve Integrated Process Excellence by advancing and promoting the successful implementation of CM2. Each Chair fulfills a full year as Co-Chair before assuming the Chair position. Through 2021, the roles of both Co-Chair and Secretary will be served by Mike McKinney, Sub-Zero.

In response to her participation as 2021 Chair, Catie said, “Since my first CM2 class with Ken Black, I've been passionate about IpX and Integrated Process Excellence. I am honored to be the Congress Chair where interaction with this group of extraordinary leaders really makes a difference in our respective industries.”

When looking to the future for 2022, McKinney shared, “The plans that Catie and I are laying in place during 2021, and for next year, rest on the shoulders of the best expert minds of the industry. Specifically, I am referring to Martijn Dullaart and Todd Egan, and we cannot do any of this without the support of IpX. We will continue in 2022 on our path toward revitalizing and re-engaging with our rank-and-file membership, as we emerge from the shadow of the pandemic. Allowing us to continue discussing how we inspire, mentor, and connect with the larger community of configuration management professionals at an enterprise level.”

Voting by the IPX Congress Members takes place over the duration of two weeks prior to the annual event of the Institute for Process Excellence (IpX). All officers must be IPX Congress Members.

About IPX Congress

The IPX Congress are industry leaders from Aviation, Automotive, Healthcare, Energy, Consumer Products, Medical Devices, and Technology who have come together to create a cross-functional industry forum to benchmark best practices and provide a resource to the IpX – Institute for Process Excellence community. All members are IpX CM2-Professional certification graduates. The mission of the Congress is to advance and promote the successful implementation of Integrated Process Excellence and CM2 throughout all industries worldwide. The Congress inspires, connects, mentors and supports CM2 certified professionals in the successful implementation of CM2 and achieving Integrated Process Excellence.

Visit the IPX Congress page to learn more.

About IpX

IpX’s education sector is the premier industrial resource for configuration management, systems engineering, operational excellence, digital transformation and high-performance culture training with courses offered globally. Today, IpX is the global industry standard for the model-based enterprise. IpX’s Envision RISE (Respect through Inclusion, Service, and Equity) is an evolutionary diversity and inclusion platform.

IpX’s global services sector ensures their clients achieve enterprise excellence through the revolutionary True North Enterprise Calibration™ model and services. Our business engagement experts provide needed enthusiasm for change by infusing the mission throughout the enterprise and connecting leadership with its staff. IpX is the leader in organizational strategies that effectively integrate the people, processes, systems, and data of the organization. Visit us at www.ipxhq.com and follow IpX on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Contact: Deanna Hensley, VP of Customer Success, deanna@ipxhq.com, Tel: +1-317-364-1119

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