USDLA & IpX Announce Landmark Alliance for Distance Education and Workforce Development


The leading providers of distance and digital learning education, workforce development and transformational services announce a groundbreaking collaboration.

DENVER, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2023 / -- The United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) and the Institute for Process Excellence (IpX) announce the launch of a landmark IDEA Academy collaboration.

The initiative aims to maximize enrollment and graduation rates for its University Partners and career placement opportunities for its members. IpX’s industry partners and USDLA members benefit from industry insights, connections, and access to opportunities ranging from internships to mid-career roles, depending on experience.

“USDLA is always looking for synergetic collaborations that can potentially deliver a positive impact to our members and the industry,” said Pat Cassella, Executive Director of USDLA. “We are proud to partner on this unique, capacity-focused strategy that brings together institutional relationships and the industry building experience of IpX. This collaboration is a catalyst for USDLA’s efforts to solidify our commitment for delivering evolutionary education and workforce services to the individuals and Universities we serve.”

“As individuals, institutions and businesses continue to adapt in an ever-changing market, the demands are clear – employers increasingly rely on highly skilled workers, and employees increasingly need credentials of value to compete in an evolving workforce,” said IpX President, Joseph Anderson. “USDLA’s commitment to its members through modern learning platforms, coupled with industry credentials, is demonstrating how partnerships between industry leaders such as IpX and institutions can unlock career opportunities, propel socioeconomic mobility, and serve as a tangible community asset.”

The overall initiative is structured around core subinitiatives that work in service of:
  • Leadership: To provide national leadership in the field of distance learning
  • Advocate: To advocate and promote the use of distance learning • Information: To provide current information on distance learning
  • Information: To provide current information on distance learning
  • Policy: To represent the distance learning community before government policy and regulatory bodies
  • Association of Associations: To serve and support the state, consortium and individual organizations that belong to the USDLA
  • Recognition: To provide annual recognition and awards of outstanding achievements in distance learning
  • Partnerships: To serve as a catalyst for the formation of partnerships among education, business, healthcare, government, and non-governmental organizations
  • International: To achieve a global leadership role through liaisons with international organizations


The United States Distance Learning Association was founded in 1987 and based on the premise of creating a powerful alliance to meet the burgeoning education andtraining needs of learning communities via new concepts of the fusion of communication technologies with learning in broad multidiscipline applications. We were the first nonprofit distance learning association in the United States to support distance learning research, development, and praxis across the complete arena of education, training, and communications. The learning communities that the USDLA addresses are: pre-K/12, higher education, continuing education, corporate training, military and government training, home schooling, and telehealth. Our mission is to support the development and application of digital and distance learning by focusing on legislation impacting the community and constituencies. 

About IpX

IpX’s education sector is the premier worldwide industrial resource for configuration management, systems engineering, operational excellence, digital transformation, and high performance culture training with courses offered in seven languages. IpX is best known for the creation of the industry-changing virtual career development platform known as the IDEA Academy as well as the CM2 certification program, the global industry standard for enterprise sustainability, scalability, and quality. IpX’s global services sector ensures their clients achieve enterprise excellence through a unique combination of industry leading application strategies coupled with business engagement experts that provide needed enthusiasm for change by infusing the mission throughout the enterprise. IpX provides the True North for value-add business transformation. IpX is the leader in organizational strategies that effectively integrate the people, processes, systems, and data of the organization Visit us at and follow IpX on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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