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CM2-111 Workshop: The Cost of Intervention Resources

CM2-111 Online Workshop: The Cost of Intervention Resources
Dec 31-31, 2024
ending at 11:59 pm

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CM2-111 Online
CM2-111 Online Workshop: The Cost of Intervention Resources: Dec 31-31, 2024 ending at 11:59 pm

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Students will receive access to this online workshop through the IDEA Academy within 24 hours of creating an account. The online workshop is a self-paced, pre-recorded lesson and takes approximately 2 hours to complete. Please contact for additional questions.

Intervention resource expenditures are the unplanned time, money, and resources expended to compensate for quality and schedule problems.

When quality and schedule problems dominate the energy an organization expends on a daily basis, corrective action becomes the standard “way of working.” Changing that environment requires an understanding of how current processes relate to best practices and the culture change that is needed to make the transition.

In this 2-hour workshop, participants will learn how to calculate the cost of rework and measure its severe impact on the organization's culture, products, and reputation.

Venue: The IDEA Academy

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