Beyond Engineering: The Role of Everyone in Configuration Management

Beyond Engineering: The Role of Everyone in Configuration Management

Ray Wozny & Brandy Taylor, IpX


In this week’s IpX True North Podcast episode, IpX's own Ray Wozny, CEO, and Brandy Taylor, VP of Services, go beyond engineering to discuss everyone’s role in enterprise change and configuration management. 

Key Points:
  • The common, somewhat confusing definition for traditional configuration management (CM)
  • Ray dives into the evolution and transformation of CM from a subset within the company to an integrated part of an organization
  • Foundation of a robust digital thread
  • The down flow of configuration management across organizational functions
  • Understanding how complex a simple change can be and how a central change process can improve it
  • Everyone is responsible for quality
  • Focus on repeatability and accuracy of processes
  • How CM applies to all functions including Marketing, HR, and Shipping, and those processes affect other functions.
  • The function or domain that suffers the most from not being as integrated intentionally into the process
  • Recommendations on how individuals can start to change the culture of their organizations

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