Catie Jelinski

Catie Jelinski

Align Technology

Quality Professional

CM2-Professional Certification, 2016

IPX Congress Member Profile

How did your career journey lead to change and configuration management? 
I started my career as a technical writer with a software consulting company, and that was my first introduction to requirements. I moved to the medical device world and transitioned to quality leading a document control group. As I learned about configuration management, the path became clear as things fell into place.

What was your introduction to CM2?
My introduction to CM2 was happenstance. My manager could not attend training so I took his place, loved the concepts as they made so much sense to me, and the rest is history.

How has CM2 been beneficial to your career growth?
It has made me confident in challenging if a process is as streamlined as it could be by asking what the requirements are. This is a respectful way of questioning as no one can argue with requirements (if they are clear, concise, and valid).

What’s one professional skill you’re currently working on?
I believe we should constantly be evolving as professionals and leaders, so I am working on more than one skill. I am a technical writer by trade, but I know that writing is a skill that should be continually practiced, so I am currently working on learning new ways of writing simply.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?
I grew up on a dairy farm in central Minnesota so I've been eating organically before it became popular. My parents worked harder than anyone I've ever met and instilled in me the work ethic I have now. When things get intense, I think of a phrase I've seen: "You don't scare me, I've been chased by a rooster" and use that perspective to make me laugh--getting chased by a rooster is scary, especially if they catch you!

What do you do for fun?
I love to travel with my daughter (we hope to make Japan our post-pandemic trip), take walks with my puppy, Neptune, and I really enjoy running and hiking.

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