Driving Change and Connectedness through Open Communication and Constant Curiosity

Driving Change and Connectedness through Open Communication and Constant Curiosity

Cindy Price, Yanfeng


In this week’s IpX True North Podcast episode we welcome Cindy Price, Director of Engineering Services, Yanfeng as she chats with IpX VP of Services Brandy Taylor. Brandy and Cindy highlight the importance of effective communication - both speaking and listening - to be a true change agent in an organization. Cindy shares:

  • Her initial understanding of how to influence change began in high school when she was discouraged from an engineering career and learned the value of having stakeholders and advocates to support your initiatives
  • As a change agent, putting yourself in a position to listen to all positions and perspectives to encourage collaboration, gain trust, stay curious, and allow vulnerability to create an open space for sharing changing ideas
  • Understanding what stakeholders can bring to the table and how to match their needs and yours for both sides to accomplish goals
  • Changing the perspective of the current shift of supply chain into an opportunity for companies to respond to change more effectively and more efficiently 

Contact Cindy at cynthia.price@yanfeng.com and visit the Yanfeng website for more information.

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