Empowering Ecosystem Traceability within Complex Regulated Industry

Empowering Ecosystem Traceability within Complex Regulated Industry

Neil Olivier, NuScale Power


Don’t miss this week’s IpX True North Podcast episode with Neil Olivier, NuScale Power’s Director of Corporate Services, as he and IpX President Joseph Anderson discuss Nuscale’s revolutionary nuclear technology and their journey to complete enterprise ecosystem traceability.

Neil shares:

  • Challenges experienced in design, certification requirements, and maintaining configuration management in an industry with thousands of requirements 
  • NuScale’s vision for defining, management tracking of, and associating requirements to the actual product components and the systems 
  • How training his team in and using the CM2 methodology as well as implementing a CM2-based PLM system laid the foundation for an integrated change control process with dynamic traceability of requirements to their highest level
  • How communication of a change and regulatory requirement is made more visible to vendors, suppliers, and the operator owner using the CM2 change process
  • The future possibility of nuclear as a paperless industry

Learn more about how NuScale Power is changing the nuclear industry: https://www.nuscalepower.com/.  

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