Ian Barnett

Ian Barnett

Chief Innovation Officer, Upchain

What makes me unique is my ability to sense the morphology of imagination such that I am able to translate an individual instance of a concept into reality, and explain how the dimension of time causes impacts and the resulting magnitude of change.

My career began in area of Risk Mitigation as it relates to the ways Fortune 100 companies use Marketing and Advertising to cause new thinking, behaviour and beliefs in society. After a decade of enhancing the share price of corporations I focused my attention towards the enhancement of society. In 2007 I began writing, what would eventually become an algorithm for reality. Today, we apply our algorithm to innovation. 

As the Chief Innovation Officer of Upchain I support the ways our people are imagining the future of manufacturing and how our operational structure known as “our platform” will evolve. I work with our Client Partners to organize and define the most imaginative concepts of their people such that they are able to leverage the power of our platform in order to result in the desired physicality of change. 

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