Jeanne Rues

Jeanne Rues

Managing Director, Engineering Services, Allison Transmission

Jeanne Rues is the Managing Director of Engineering Services for Allison Transmission, Inc (alsn). During her 15-year career at Allison, Jeanne’s roles have spanned the breadth of new product development activities from component development to full transmission system development and product launch as the lead engineer for the TC10 transmission. In her current role, Jeanne leads a diverse organization that provides support services for product development activities. These services include computer-aided design and model-based definition, prototype hardware procurement, prototype hardware warehousing, prototype assembly, component-, sub-system-, transmission-, and vehicle-level testing, test data management, and test technology development and implementation.  

In addition to these core functions, Jeanne is a key contributor to Allison’s digital transformation efforts and is leading a major project to expand Allison’s test capabilities at the vehicle level. The Vehicle Environmental Test facility, currently under construction and slated to open in 2020, will be the only one of its kind in the midwest. It will offer an unprecedented level of capability to simulate temperature, altitude, and on-road conditions for commercial vehicles.  

Jeanne holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wyoming, and an MBA from the University of Indianapolis.

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