Uncovering Untouched 3D Data to Advance and Connect the Enterprise

Uncovering Untouched 3D Data to Advance and Connect the Enterprise

Paul Powers, Physna

In this week’s IpX True North Podcast episode, Paul Powers, Founder/CEO of Physna, breaks down the inception of Physna, an advanced technology analyzing and actionizing 3D data, with IpX President Joseph Anderson. Paul and Joe discuss:

  • The role of Physna as an enterprise solution that empowers other platforms by fully utilizing previously untouched intelligence and data within a company and creating a model’s physical DNA 
  • How the technology comprehensively, geometrically understands parts and 3D data to foresee issues in manufacturing and throughout the organization  
  • Creating faster and more effective engineering by cutting down on cost of procurement, identifying parts in the field, optimizing inventory management, and maintenance
  • The importance of speed and security when dealing with an organization’s CAD models, 3D data, intellectual property, and how Physna’s detection of changes physically in a model allow it to act as a data protector. 
  • Thangs, the free and fastest growing 3D community in history allow users to search, store, and collaborate, and its future with Thangs Workplace 

Learn more about Physna and the unique community of 3D collaboration at Thangs.com.

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