Webinar | Future of Product Visualization

Webinar | Future of Product Visualization


Future of Product Visualization: Maintaining Continuity through Shifting Environments

April 30, 2020

IpX President Joseph Anderson, Vertex Product Marketing Manager John Heller, and Vertex Content Marketing Manager Rachel Holmes

Reuse of 3D product data throughout the product lifecycle increases product quality, creates a competitive advantage, and boosts the ROI. In our current shifting business environment with an unforeseeable future, traditional tools prohibit teams from collaborating efficiently. Transforming engineering data into a consumable format must be swift and cost effective.

In this webinar Joseph and John will discuss the need for platforms that support rapid change and connect BOM, data analytics, and 3D visualization in a cross-functional collaboration space. They will provide tips on how to align product visuals and data throughout the enterprise ecosystem of internal resource functions, suppliers, and customers. 

Vertex’s cloud-based, digital twin platform fuels team collaboration by unlocking 3D data and providing aligned visuals across engineering, procurement, manufacturing, sales, marketing, service, and the supply chain while greatly reducing hardware costs. Vertex helps teams accelerate review processes, empowers interactive decision making, readily incorporate supply chain innovations and protect IP. 

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