IpX Congress Announcement: Rikki Davis


The IPX Congress Executive Team is pleased to announce the election of Rikki DAVIS as Regular Member and Co-Chair to the IPX Congress, requiring a two-year minimum commitment.

Rikki Davis

Rikki Davis is a distinguished professional in the field of Change and Configuration Management, currently serving as the Head of Configuration and Data Management at Ultra Sonar Systems. Rikki's career journey took an unexpected turn when they volunteered to assist a struggling department with digitizing technical debt. Excelling in this task and finding a passion for the work, Rikki continued to contribute to the department's various tasks, ultimately leading to a dedicated role in Configuration Management.

In the pursuit of enhancing their knowledge and skills, Rikki delved into internal courses and extensive reading on configuration and change management. The pivotal moment came when they joined Ultra Sonar Systems, where it was recommended that Rikki undergo a formal course on configuration management. Opting for the course provided by IPX, Rikki gained invaluable insights, expanded their network, and developed a deeper understanding of configuration management principles.

The adoption of CM2 proved to be a catalyst for Rikki's career growth. Embracing a more collaborative approach, Rikki effectively manages different functions and stakeholders while consistently striving for continuous improvement in configuration management practices. A notable aspect of Rikki's professional development is their commitment to mentoring staff within the organization. Enjoying this role immensely, Rikki finds fulfillment in witnessing the success of mentees as they achieve their set goals.

Beyond his professional achievements, Rikki enjoys powerlifting weights in the gym and able to bench press 140KG (309lbs) as well as playing video games and spending time with his family. 

Please join the IPX Congress Executive Team in congratulating Rikki on being elected to the IPX Congress. 

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The IPX Congress are certified leaders from Aviation, Automotive, Healthcare, Energy, Consumer Products, Medical Devices, and Technology who have come together to create a cross-functional industry forum to benchmark best practices and provide a resource to the IpX – Institute for Process Excellence community. All members are IpX CM2-Professional certification graduates. The mission of the Congress is to advance and promote the successful implementation of Integrated Process Excellence and CM2 throughout all industries worldwide. The Congress inspires, connects, mentors and supports CM2 certified professionals in the successful implementation of CM2 and achieving Integrated Process Excellence.

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