IpX Hosts Delft University Workshop


Wouter Mollers, Instructor

In November 2019, IpX taught course CM2-12 tailored for academic application at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands as part of the university’s D:DREAM program.

D:DREAM is an acronym for Delft: Dream Realization of Extremely Advanced Machines. This D:DREAM status is a special status a student project can receive from Delft University of Technology; these are not just any projects. The projects need to stand out because of their fuel efficiency, they are powered by sustainable means, or because of their technical innovations. D:DREAM TopTrack is the educational program specifically designed for student teams with a D:DREAM status.

The tailored CM2-12 course focused on creating awareness & proficiency in enterprise change and configuration management (CM) and provided the fundamental knowledge & ability to immediately start managing change in these challenging student projects. During the course, the students identified both their product baseline and their enterprise baseline. Next, they designed & implemented their own change process based on solid CM2 principles. Especially the team of Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing showed great agility by formally managing their changes within a matter of days! You can read about the start of their journey in this article.

CM2 is the standard for enterprise, product lifecycle, change & configuration management. The Institute for Process Excellence (IpX) is known for catalyzing organizational change and delivering transformational results. IpX acknowledges that quality must be assured at the source and therefore integrates with universities worldwide. For more information about CM-12, existing curricula, or to discuss customizable curricula, please contact Academia Director, Staci Hegarty, staci@ipxhq.com.

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