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From Nutrition to Nuclear and from Automotive to Outer Space, IpX has provided education and professional services to over 1800 companies in 40+ countries. See how we take you further.
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The IDEA Academy

The IDEA Academy is an evolutionary learning solution with hours of premier training courses across professional development and business transformation from IpX and training partner, Marshall Goldsmith’s Methods of 100 Coaches.
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Ecosystem Transformation Services

Our True North Calibration Model delivers dynamic and rapid performance improvements with a proven set of best practices to keep you innovating, scalable and sustainable.
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Medical Case Study

Dive into complex global business CM practices in this medical case study by Diego Valencia, CM2-P, focusing on strategic CM2 practices, leadership insights, and change strategies to drive efficiency, collaboration, and digital integration.
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CM2 is the global industry standard for enterprise change and configuration Management providing a comprehensive methodology for managing the configuration of a product, system, and/or service throughout its life. It offers a robust enterprise framework for agile scalability and a common understanding and language for interoperation, integration, and communication.

CM2 teaches that communication and change affects all functions of an organization by preventing corrective action, quality escapes and recalls.

New to change and configuration management? Start with the SAE EIA-649 Standard for Configuration Management course - a standard used by both governmental and private enterprises worldwide.

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IpX understands that rapidly evolving technology and digital trends are transforming your ecosystem. We partner with you to unlock your full potential. Our technology professionals have meaningful experience applying modern system approaches and technologies to help you achieve true digital transformation. Our cross industry service providers help turn your IT landscape into realized value by evaluating, assisting, and determining the functionality needed to resolve process gaps.

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The IDEA Academy is an evolutionary learning solution that brings together industry certifications, accredited courseware, and thought leaders under one platform. Our mission is to transform the way people learn and advance their skills.

Create your free account today to explore this unique, interactive experience for the user that has an an optional private label platform for education providers and businesses.

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IpX works with tool providers to ensure that their commercial off-the-shelf PLM solutions meet the requirements in our proprietary CM2-600 standard.

Because of this, we're uniquely positioned to guide your PLM deployment to success. IpX can engage with your PLM efforts at any stage with flexible fit-for-purpose service options.

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IpX is the global industrial resource for configuration & change management, systems engineering, operational excellence, digital transformation, model based enterprise, and high-performance culture training.

Hear from thought leaders and experts inside and out of IpX as we share and discuss organizational strategies that effectively integrate the people, processes, systems, and data of your organization. Available on all your favorite podcast streaming platforms!

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IpX's CM2 Jump-Start Courses are short courses with a big impact covering critical CM2 topics. All CM2 Jump-Start Courses are available on IpX's learning platform, the IDEA Academy. Create your account today to sign up and get immediate access. Contact us for group training prices!

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Who We Are

IpX brings decades of experience and capability across defense, aerospace, automotive, technology, software, and oil and gas industries to bear to help companies transform, thrive, and sustain while disrupting their markets. For us, it’s about unearthing and clarifying underlying issues where they exist and helping companies address their most challenging business concerns by partnering with the organization to develop and implement new processes and ways of working, and ultimately achieve step-change performance.
Ecosystem ExcellenceIpX recognizes business transformation can be disruptive but believes our True North Enterprise Calibration Model offers a proven pragmatic methodology to guide decision making, manage the disruptive aspects of change, and reduce risk. These are achieved through inclusive engagement with key stakeholders at all levels. This philosophy requires direct, transparent and sometimes challenging interaction – all of which serves to build trust and shared purpose among IpX transformation experts and client staff – a true partnership. 

We are Enterprise Sherpas.  We roll our sleeves up and deliver the work many are afraid to do. 

We are IpX.

Always Evolve with IpX

IpX believes true transformation is born from the continual evolution of people, processes, systems and data. Through our IpX and CM2 training courses, True North services, and digital solution advisement, we enable your organization to always evolve and design the blueprint for the ecosystem of tomorrow. Drive innovation, create a better customer experience, and enable your workforce as an organization built for quality and resiliency.

The IDEA Academy | Learning Evolved 

IDEA Academy Subscription PricingThe IDEA Academy is an evolutionary learning platform powered by IpX that brings together industry certifications, accredited courseware, and content from influential thought leaders under one platform. 

Create an account today and browse the new IDEA Academy Subscription, the next phase of evolved learning. The new subscription is packed with hours of interactive, premier training from IpX and training partner, Marshall Goldsmith’s Methods of 100 Coaches, who provide training courses to help leadership directors, business coaches, and driven individuals grow themselves and their teams through exclusive, interactive courses from the world’s top executive coaches, thought leaders, and CEOs.

Our mission is to transform the way people learn and advance their skills. We believe everyone should be able to seamlessly acquire new and fit-for-purpose education that is delivered in an interactive virtual experience.

Breakthrough Business Process Improvement with IpX Training

CM2 Textbook CM2-ComprehensiveIpX provides a variety of courses including EIA-649, Universal Document Control, BIM, and CM2 - the global enterprise standard for change and configuration management. CM2 provides a comprehensive methodology for managing the configuration of a product, system, and/or service throughout its life. It takes the core business process of CM and its traditionally limited focus to expand its criticality throughout the full enterprise.

Through the successful implementation of the CM2 model, organizations have been able to shift focus from corrective action and rework to drive continuous improvement throughout the enterprise, improve the program development cycle across all product lines, streamline operations, maintaining traceability in the fielded product, and ensure compliance with external governance.

IpX is thrilled to share the latest addition to the CM2 Certification toolkit, The CM2 Approach To Change and Configuration Management, a textbook designed for the CM2-Comprehensive Certification. This textbook combines all six CM2-C courseware manuals delivering an improved learning experience with editorial improvements from authors Joseph Anderson, David Ewing, Jorge Camba, and Travis Fuerst.

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The Promise of a Modern Business Model & Digitization

Today’s business journals and business school literature are filled with articles about transformation initiatives of different types. Most are talking about digital transformation—the use of new, fast, and frequently changing digital technology to solve business problems. At a time when many still wonder whether digital transformation is real or just the latest buzzword, many industrial companies are taking the promise of digital transformation very seriously.

  • Most transformation programs fail to deliver to promise due to limited understanding of what really needs to change. 
  • Without taking a holistic view, true and sustainable transformation is impossible and requires investment in process change, system deployment, and organizational adjustment.  
  • Sustainable transformation results in customer satisfaction with repeatable product and process innovation, which maximizes an organization’s return on investment.  

IpX’s clients are empowered by our industry leading workforce development, organizational change, and services that our clients rely on to set the pace for innovation. With the world leading IpX IDEA Academy and True North Enterprise Calibration service model, our clients cultivate an ecosystem of continual excellence.

IpX brings decades of experience and capability helping companies transform and prosper while disrupting markets with the True North Enterprise Calibration Model. This model is a proven set of best practices that enables global organizations to assess, transform, and thrive.

IpX News and Updates

CM2 Textbook Release: The CM2 Approach to Change and Configuration Management

The CM2 Approach To Change and Configuration Management combines all six CM2-Comprehensive courseware manuals into a thoughtfully consolidated textbook. This edition delivers an improved learning experience with editorial improvements from authors Joseph Anderson, David Ewing, Jorge Camba, and Travis Fuerst. Read More and Purchase a Copy

Medical Case Study: Optimizing & Harmonizing CM Across a Complex Business Model Explore the world of change and configuration management within complex global businesses through this insightful medical case study by Diego Valencia, CM2-P. Uncover strategic #CM2 practices, leadership dynamics, and effective change management strategies that drive efficiency, collaboration, and digital integration. Diego's real-world expertise provides a roadmap for leaders and change agents looking to optimize processes and achieve successful organizational transformations. Download the Case Study

IpX, Marshall Goldsmith's Methods of 100 Coaches, & Agency Unveil Partnership for Premier Training & Business Services

IpX is excited to announce a partnership with Methods of 100 Coaches and the 100 Coaches Agency. This alliance will provide organizations with a comprehensive solution for developing top talent, improving end-to-end processes, and modernizing digital systems.

With this partnership comes the new IDEA Academy Subscription, the next phase of evolved learning in the IDEA Academy, packed with hours of interactive premier training from IpX and Marshall Goldsmith’s Methods of 100 Coaches. Get 24/7 on-demand access to exclusive training, leading industry certifications, and a professional network. Read about this unique partnership and get started with your IDEA Academy subscription today. Press Release

Resource: CIMdata True North Commentary

Read this CIMdata white paper titled "True North Enterprise Calibration: A New Model for Sustainable Business and Digital Transformation (Commentary)." Read and download the white paper now.  

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