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IpX is the leading enterprise transformation organization serving more than 1800 companies worldwide for more than 30 years.
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True North Collaboration the IpX Slack Community

Tap into the IpX Community of worldwide resources, thought leaders, and subject matter experts in people, processes and technology across all industries.
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True North Enterprise Calibration™

The IpX True North Service Model® delivers dynamic and rapid performance improvement to companies facing significant financial, operational and customer satisfaction challenges.
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Interactive Virtual Training

Join IpX for instructor-led live, virtual training with a public or private group. Engage in real-time discussion with expert CM2 instructors and join others during interactive business transformation workshops.
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RISE | Respect through Inclusion, Service & Equity

IpX's revolutionary RISE platform introduces methods for globalization of diversity and inclusion initiatives, employee resource networks, community outreach strategies.
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CM2 is the global enterprise standard for change and configuration Management. CM2 provides a comprehensive methodology for managing the configuration (hierarchical set of information) of a product, system, and/or service throughout its life.

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IpX understands that rapidly evolving technology and digital trends are transforming your ecosystem. We will work with you to unleash the real value for you. Our technology professionals have meaningful experience applying modern system approaches and technologies to help you achieve true digital transformation. Our cross industry service providers help turn your IT landscape into realized value by evaluating, assisting, and determining the functionality needed to resolve process gaps.

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Holistic transformation is required to adapt to an ever-changing digital environment, increased competition, globalization, and additional regulatory requirements. IpX provides each enterprise regardless of scale or complexity, with the capabilities and true industry experience needed to deliver tangible results.

We provide the necessary assistance for achieving transformational change with phased core value initiatives.

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A significant transformation towards process excellence allows for an increase in employee engagement resulting in greater collaboration, accountability and ownership. Companies must integrate business strategy with supply chain initiatives to drive operational excellence. Our CM2 backbone encompasses product development, integrated planning, sourcing, manufacturing and logistics optimization, and sustainability.

We employ world-class approaches, leverage our cross industry IPX Congress, and offer services that lower costs, reduce cycle times and increase productivity.

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RISE was created using the expertise of individuals from the fields of engineering, manufacturing, business, human resources, anthropology, art, education, law and the military worldwide to develop a roadmap for achieving the RISE standards. Participants in this platform will not only learn tools to bolster their own understanding of diversity and inclusion in the workplace but will also take an unyielding personal inventory of aspects of their own diversity and how their perspectives and experiences can contribute to creating and sustaining a dynamic workplace.

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ConX20 is now virtual! This is the premier enterprise ecosystem transformation conference held by IpX. Through our leading worldwide workforce academy and services sectors, we have built a reputation as a beacon voice and leader in the process excellence community drawing cross-industry thought leaders and visionaries from all over the globe.

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IpX ranks on 2020 Inc. 5000 list
We're excited to announce the Institute for Process Excellence made the 2020 Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies! See our rank and the full list here: Inc. Magazine. Read the IpX Press Release.

Be a Part of the True North Collaboration! 

True North Collaboration an IpX Community on Slack
IpX is excited to announce the launch of the True North Collaboration Slack Community. Between our IpX staff, CM2 certification holders, partners, and clients, we have established a community full of thought leadership and subject matter experts eager to collaborate, ask questions, share advice, and drive sustainable transformation and innovation through people, processes, systems, and technology.

Welcome to the conversation pulse of sustainable transformation. Receive immediate access and collaborate now.

Interactive Virtual Courses

Join IpX for instructor-led live, virtual courses. Engage in real-time discussion with expert CM2 instructors and hear from others during interactive business transformation workshops. CM2 is the global enterprise standard for change and configuration management. CM2 provides a comprehensive methodology for managing the configuration of a product, system, and/or service throughout its life.

We teach the core concepts of this methodology in a six-course series that results in a globally recognized CM2-Comprehensive Certification earned by more than 10,000 individuals. Join our upcoming virtual course series to start your journey to Operational Excellence. Register now!

“Eddie Kolesar and Ken Black are an unmistakably perfect duo of instructors for the CM2 virtual courses. They complement each other well and the virtual format provides a rich presentation of the CM2 content.” - Viera Papcunova, CM Professional

Who We Are

IpX brings decades of experience and capability across defense, aerospace, automotive, technology, software, and oil and gas industries to bear to help companies transform, thrive, and sustain while disrupting their markets. For us, it’s about unearthing and clarifying underlying issues where they exist and helping companies address their most challenging business concerns by partnering with the organization to develop and implement new processes and ways of working, and ultimately achieve step-change performance.
Ecosystem ExcellenceIpX recognizes business transformation can be disruptive but believes our True North Enterprise Calibration Model offers a proven pragmatic methodology to guide decision making, manage the disruptive aspects of change, and reduce risk. These are achieved through inclusive engagement with key stakeholders at all levels. This philosophy requires direct, transparent and sometimes challenging interaction – all of which serves to build trust and shared purpose among IpX transformation experts and client staff – a true partnership. 

We are Enterprise Sherpas.  We roll our sleeves up and deliver the work many are afraid to do. 

We are IpX.

The Promise of a Modern Business Model & Digitization

Today’s business journals and business school literature are filled with articles about transformation initiatives of different types. Most are talking about digital transformation—the use of new, fast, and frequently changing digital technology to solve business problems. At a time when many still wonder whether digital transformation is real or just the latest buzzword, many industrial companies are taking the promise of digital transformation very seriously.

  • Most transformation programs fail to deliver to promise due to limited understanding of what really needs to change. 
  • Without taking a holistic view, true and sustainable transformation is impossible and requires investment in process change, system deployment, and organizational adjustment.  
  • Sustainable transformation results in customer satisfaction with repeatable product and process innovation, which maximizes an organization’s return on investment.  

IpX’s clients are empowered by our industry leading workforce development, organizational change, and services that our clients rely on to set the pace for innovation. With the world leading IpX Workforce Academy and True North Enterprise Calibration service model, our clients cultivate an ecosystem of continual excellence.

IpX brings decades of experience and capability helping companies transform and prosper while disrupting markets with the True North Enterprise Calibration Model. This model is a proven set of best practices that enables global organizations to assess, transform, and thrive.

IpX News and Updates

The Power of an Enterprise Configurator in a PLM System

Read the latest blog post from IpX, "The Power of an Enterprise Configurator in a PLM System" in conjunction with Configit

"Sales teams can configure, price, and quote new product variations without engineering influence because the 'rules' have been predefined. Real-time choices can be made in front of the customer and the options that are sold are known to be good. No more going back to the customer, tail between their legs, and apologizing for recommending a variant that is not technically possible." Read the blog post now. 

Manufacturing Strong Accelerating Change with Joseph Anderson and eLogic

See IpX President Joseph Anderson with David Kohar from eLogic on their episode of Manufacturing Strong. Joseph discusses how manufacturing leadership takes a hard look at processes and technology with a focus on customer experience. See more of IpX in the media

CIMdata True North Commentary

CIMdata True North Commentary - On November 5, CIMdata released a white paper titled "True North Enterprise Calibration: A New Model for Sustainable Business and Digital Transformation (Commentary)." Read and download the white paper now.  

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